Sleep Disorders Decoded (Sex Health Guru Health Tip)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Can’t sleep? Neither can 70 million Americans. Here are some clues as to why. Is one of the other 70 million insomnicas in bed with you? BONUS TIP:

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25 Responses to “Sleep Disorders Decoded (Sex Health Guru Health Tip)”
  1. romanianday says:

    @comoxj lol…

  2. bestodds says:

    anyone who wants to know more about sleep disorders may also find the book “Sleep Disorders for Dummies” useful. it explains how to improve your sleep habits, manage stress, find relief from your symptoms etc

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  3. CHINNUJACK says:

    Its possible to Americans, because the moment some children started to realize that I belongs to the great and most power full nation on earth, good sleep is impossible in whole life!

  4. Lynethxze says:

    I really liked your channel and this video. If you need any help getting this video exposed I use a site called tubeviews.(net) It has really helped like 20 of my main videos get to the top in position. Its nice.

    that is very awesome i love this

  5. lordwurst12 says:

    it’s no use.sORRY BRO.i SLEPT 1 HOUR TONIGht

  6. 49atown49 says:

    i can’t get to sleep
    i have to be awake for 24 hours to start feeling tired
    but when i do fall asleep i sleep for huge peroids of time and sleep through alarms.

  7. manasRoyal says:

    Dude, masturbating or have sex before sleep for that matter deprives you of precious energy and causes muscle fatigue. So if you do heavy things, stay away from those 2. Woman weakened legs, quote from Rocky!

  8. okreset says:

    you mean R.E.M.?

  9. comoxj says:

    Or Balzac… I sometimes listen to Spanish language and I get to RMA stage almost instantly HAHA

  10. okreset says:

    Read Hemingway. You’ll be sleeping in minutes.

  11. okreset says:

    I was prescribed an antipsycotic for my sleeping disorder. works just fine.

  12. stormypiglet says:

    I agree with smoking weed. I used to use H and now have horrable sleeping problems. It’s the only thing that has worked. Sleeping pills have DXM and make my nerves go out of control.

  13. bman899 says:

    Close your eyes and u will be able to faint shapes…you are able to manipulate those shapes because you are seeing your thots. keep manipulating them and your little game should put u to sleep in ten minutes

  14. bman899 says:

    Medical Marijuana!!

  15. comoxj says:

    Masturbate a lot, recite Lord’s Prayer before going to bed and you’ll sleep like a baby.

  16. acspds21 says:

    hypersomnia is sometimes a sympton rare, but still

  17. xJaysrox says:

    take sleeping pills; they usually lead to sleep.

  18. MyMamaSaidSo says:

    For years I’ve had depression and all that, which lead to insomnia.But these days as my depression seems worse, I’ve been sleeping for 14+ hours a day…it’s so stupid..

  19. 69salford69 says:

    smoke weed before bed

  20. chad5161 says:


  21. dodgesxt says:

    i think i have chronic insomnia, i had past emotions of depression, anxiety, and stress.
    =( *sigh, looks down*

  22. KeyLargo67 says:

    I feel like I have sleep apnea. XD I probably just have insomnia.

  23. BRONXPEPE says:

    yeah it doesss i hate it its hard for u to do anything through out the day if u cant get the sleep u need i cant focus or think straight

  24. rikhanz says:

    it sucks having poor sleep

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