Shaving Tips for Men [ Epi #205]

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it! Getting irritated after a shave is common, but is also easily preventable. In this episode of DermTV, Dr. Schultz provides some shaving tips for men to avoid razor burn and shaving irritation.

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Shaving Tips for Men [ Epi #205]”
  1. 1steven915 says:

    your wasteing it doing that way
    go buy Schick Hydro Sensitive Skin its the anti-irritation gel it says it on the back of the can and it work i like it

  2. ArthasMenethilPure says:

    i hope this works…they day i shave i have no irritation but the next day some red spots appear…

  3. optionsupdate says:

    gel over his entire face?

  4. PlatinumHearts says:

    I use a schick hydro razor with gilette regular shaving cream and I don’t feel any irritation at all.

  5. mrh829 says:

    @markblaster1 I believe you mean ingrown hairs, not acne. If you want to try shaving against the grain to get a closer shave, I’d recommend getting a shaving brush and some real shave cream from a tube (not an aerosol can), as using a shaving brush is a great way to help prevent ingrown hairs.

  6. HeyYouPMme says:

    i started shaving my face like 2 weeks ago and i have one inappropiate do u learn to shave down there?? seriously i wont talk to my dad about this.. lol i just dnt knoe what to do …. =)

  7. britdanielxoxo says:

    @lovemakeup786 well the conditioner i used was Bed Head Dumb Blonde conditioner and its also a hair mask. it worked very well because its for damaged hair and it has LOTS of protein in it. its cheap too. dont worry though my hair grew faster after it happened to me. just mask ur hair with that twice a week and use it as conditioner and it should help it out! good luck though 🙂

  8. beodanes says:

    @beodanes I hope I can make you someday Dr. Schultz!

  9. beodanes says:

    Hi Dr Schultz I’ve just stumbled on one of your videos 2 days ago and that’s how i discovered your channel! Your videos are amazing and very helpful! Even though i read a lot of books about medicine and dermatology because I really wanted to be a doctor it’s still different when a doctor is talking to you. I just wanted to extend my thank you to you, I learned a lot of things to you.

    Doctor I have a question for you, ill tell you my whole story because I’m an acne sufferer Ill just email it.

  10. MDTrauma says:

    @raspberrypineapple LOL you have some vicious leg hair if you need this technique on them!

  11. raspberrypineapple says:

    @MDTrauma No, you pervert! I was not talking about that. I was tallking about my legs.

  12. Cektex says:

    @MDTrauma no i haven’t and i’ll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  13. MDTrauma says:

    @Cektex Have you tried Tend Skin? It works great.

  14. lovemakeup786 says:

    @britdanielxoxo Thank for replying. Can you please recommend a conditioner/the one that worked for u? You cant believe how upsetting it is for me. Especially since i had so much hair i couldn’t gather it with both hands to tie a pony :-s

    Much appreciated xx

  15. 112d12d says:

    you know im sorry thanks for the tip doctor but is that drake on that picture behind you LOL

  16. britdanielxoxo says:

    there really isnt a way to make it grow back u just have to wait and baby it if its too damaged. get a conditioner with lots of vitamins and proteins and mask ur hair often and that should help. it helped me my mom was a hair stylist and she said thats about all u can do. 🙂

  17. Cektex says:

    but what about men who have problems with ingrown hair?

    i know shaving against the grain is off the table and i’ve also tried to exfoliateing before shaving and i’ve tried some products (oil like) that are supposed to help with ingrown hair but none of them have worked..

  18. fuertherbube says:

    There’s are shavers out there that use a Battery to cause a “calming microimpulse to reduce friction and to optimize slippage”

    Does it work? Or is it just some fancy stuff to keep up with the competitors?

  19. lovemakeup786 says:

    Thank you! Please do a tutorial on Female Hairloss ie reaction to hair dye + how to grow it back.

  20. markblaster1 says:

    Yikes. I NEVER shave against the grain after… I would get crazy acne if I did. But hey, if it works for you, by all means!

  21. VexylMusic says:

    Been waiting for this video…

  22. nightfire4107 says:

    i use the same technique. works every time!

  23. 23Belligerent says:

    These tips are very helpfull, Thank you Dr. Schultz.. I use the same kind of gel that you have and i highly recommend it, its great stuff and it leaves you with a really smooth shave.

  24. killer3596 says:

    Great video!

  25. raspberrypineapple says:

    I’m guessing this technique would work well for other body parts, too.

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