Fitness – Abs Attack Exercise Routine 2

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

For more free fitness videos, workout routines and diet and exercise plans visit Zuzana’s free fitness site: www.BodyRock.Tv

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Abs Attack Exercise Routine 2”
  1. dmonkeyland says:

    Yeah, but I guarantee you’ll still look REALLY GOOD if you try this.

  2. hailtheturkeysi82 says:

    i do this plus several of her other workouts every second day. the reason for it being every second day is to give body time to recover from your last workout

  3. BRUCELEEonLSD says:

    i can just watch her breathe … she is so beautiful

  4. veteran42 says:

    lmao..that big ass water bottle

  5. KaitlynNichole1 says:

    how often should i do this?

  6. blackaries says:

    @@ I like this!

  7. fenduh says:

    Nice pecs

  8. xmitchawayx says:

    thats a big ass water bottle… lol

  9. TheNocensors says:

    amazing stomach

  10. Gravedig00 says:

    Maybe some background music would fit well here…

  11. abudabi48 says:

    I am sold on her beauty, but most important her workout rountine.

  12. skrzynno says:

    heY mami you sexi xD

  13. crazyguy469 says:

    i think i am gonna work out

  14. abpuncher3 says:

    Wow! Great gut. I want to punch it.

  15. djviu says:

    she is buffy!xD

  16. fkng3104 says:


  17. NutritionByBlox says:

    I like the way you do your crunches!

  18. johnal says:

    balfi WATER thats my fav!! ahhhh

  19. RoyalBee007 says:

    the core ab exercise was just awsome and gives a direct impact on the core ab muscles. Can you explain the techniques a bit more in detail for proper cruches? I end up getting my back hurt some times. 🙁

  20. dancingfreak16 says:

    WOWW ya i wish i had a body like that lol. but ugh she was born with that body structure and sometmes u have a thicker one so u just cant get that BODY!! 🙁


    She looks balanced to me. She is a fitness instructor, A personal trainer ,This is how she earns a living.

  22. bigjess71 says:

    There is no way in hell I could do all of that without passing out.

  23. Flat6313609 says:

    k I actually watch this to learn to do excercises but man shes hot! I dont have the skipping rope so I jumb with legs open and then closed and hands raising for 100 counts, really breath hard n my heart pounds sooo hard

  24. samadoshi says:

    just do not get much sun in my angel! Although physical exercise to consume more energy from the sun, the sun will speed up your aging, if not determined! Goodbye

  25. SliceAndDiceMe says:

    Ok Ur Hot

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