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November 25, 2010 by  

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It’s 11:30pm CST November 24, 2010 … and I will be CHANGING the current theme from THESIS to a GENESIS Framework. This involves a complete overhaul, as I am not sure at the moment which route I will take once I install the Genesis framework. I am leaning on either a slim “Prose” theme, or a modified “Lifestyle” them – both, which I already have and do not need to purchase anything new. I currently have the Prose theme installed on Abitpac.com and have actually used the old Lifestyle (v3) theme – pre genesis framework – on this site years ago .. although, it’s totally different now with wordpress v3.0+ and the genesis framework, using this Lifestyle as a child theme instead of the main one.

Why am I doing this? A few reasons ….

1) speed – hopefully to speed up the loading of this site
2) simplicity – I want everything, but I know I don’t need everything
3) community – I will be introducing a forum directly on this site in the root

Feel free to click “Refresh” to watch my changes as they happen … there’s some freaky stuff happening if I try to use a theme tester to do it in the background, the way genesis and thesis take over the site when activated … and I’d rather just work online than trying to replicate this on my local hard drive.

Watch for a tweet on twitter on our @Battling account when I have finished (or stopped for the night).

Thank-you for your patience

PS: This is what it looked like before I begin:

View at EasyCaptures.com

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