Exercise & Fitness Tips : How to Get Bigger Arm Muscles With Hand Weights

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


To get bigger arm muscles with hand weights, work the deltoid, bicep, tricep muscles and forearm through an organized resistance training program. Find specific exercise to gain larger arm muscle mass with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise. Expert: Sam Moore Bio: Sam Moore is the fitness manager for the Lakewood 24 Hour Fitness. Filmmaker: stephen kuykendall

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25 Responses to “Exercise & Fitness Tips : How to Get Bigger Arm Muscles With Hand Weights”
  1. ronbos60 says:

    @646464live lol

  2. ares12790 says:

    @Smithy2099 lol i know. it is shit isnt it. Kazoodac hit the nail on the head when he said “basically what I have taken from this video, is that to gain upper body strength, you must work out…your upper body.” lol. i think consistency is the key with working out. that is what works for me. Started out benching 30, now i can do 80. And im only 20. been doing it properly for a nearly 2 years now. Weight is at 75kg from starting at 58kg and im still toned

  3. Smithy2099 says:

    @ares12790 yeah i’d love to see a comp. of worst expert village clips, started watching these just for the laughs

  4. EasyFitnessChannel says:

    <~<~ more techniques to found here

  5. ares12790 says:

    this vid is seriously so shit lol. Kazoodac could not have said it better really

  6. ares12790 says:

    @Smithy2099 yes it doesnt take a genius to work that part out does it now. But apparently your forearm is your forearm

  7. Smithy2099 says:

    @ares12790 ..the lower part of your arm, medically speaking….

  8. cherrycoke119 says:

    ok so which one will get me the ladies

  9. EasyFitnessChannel says:

    << see my channel for complete systems for muscle development

  10. DawsonDenise says:

    24hr Fittness is my gym.

  11. 646464live says:

    if this works how come u dont have big arms?

  12. kazoodac says:

    basically what I have taken from this video, is that to gain upper body strength, you must work out…your upper body.

  13. dimas19666 says:

    This homeboy gotta be kidding…i can out lift him, out run him, and I can out PHILOSOPHISE him….what a clown…

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