How to have a happy and healthy Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner. That is why I’ve brought you today a round-up of what I feel are useful tips for a healthy and safe Halloween.

Halloween candy: Facts and myths
There are fears that Halloween treats poisoned but this is highly unlikely, according to experts. Instead, what we should be scared off are the calories, the sugars and the transfats. Health and nutrition experts at the University of North Carolina explain the facts and myths about Halloween candies, covering the following claims:

Check it out so you will know “how to tell truth from fiction as you stay safe and well on Halloween.”

Trick-or-treaters’ Halloween candy often picked off by parents
How’s these for Halloween statistics:

With these figures in mind, health experts are hoping the everyone – adults and children alike – will be practicing moderation this coming Sunday.

For healthy pumpkin, squash the urge to turn it into pie
Last week, I baked a pumpkin pie for the first time for my family and they didn’t like it. Pumpkin pie as Americans know it – sweet and full of calories – is not something to be easily found in Europe. Because pumpkins are seldom eaten here sweet. We do eat lots of pumpkin soup as well as pureed pumpkin. But never tried nor heard of pumpkin pudding or pumpkin doughnuts before. This article in USA Today gives a couple of alternative, low-fat, low-calorie recipes for pumpkins.

Tips to Green Your Halloween
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) gives us some tips on how to celebrate Halloween safely and toxic-free.
In particular, EWG warns consumers about the potentially harmful products in face paints, hairsprays and costumes. It gives recommendation on more natural alternatives in terms of make ups, treats, decorations and food.

Halloween the Healthy Way
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is also sharing with us special Halloween tips with the following take home message: “Don’t be tricked this Halloween. Make better lifestyle choices to keep you and your family safe and healthy.” For this purpose, CDC has Halloween health e-cards for you to use and share – in English and in Spanish. Check them out!

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One Response to “How to have a happy and healthy Halloween”
  1. Noticias NBA says:

    Not consuming calories on Halloween is like not consuming in Thanks Giving…impossible!
    Dark chocholate is good for our health, but of course milk chocholate is much better…there’s always a problem :S

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