Healthcare updates, Sept 10: Salud! US Health goes Español

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HHS Launches First of Its Kind Consumer Focused Website in Spanish
The US Department of Health and Social Services recently launched www.CuidadodeSalud.Gov, the partner site of in Spanish. Consistent with the mandate in the Affordable Care Act, it is the first of its kind to provide Spanish-speaking consumers with both public and private health coverage options tailored specifically for their needs in a single, easy-to-use tool. According to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius:

“ like is an unprecedented website which provides consumers with the power of information at their fingertips. Individuals, families, and small businesses will be able to easily compare both public and private health coverage options tailored specifically for their needs… will give Latinos across the nation better information about the choices they have, how much they cost, and what they can expect from their doctor–specific to their life situation and local community.”

AHRQ releases new Spanish-language guides for patients
Other agencies of HHS also go Espanol. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality AHRQ release this week “a series of free evidence-based guides designed to help Spanish speakers understand and compare the risks, benefits and side effects of treatments for eight health conditions,” including gestational diabetes, breast cancer, hypercholesterolemia, osteoarthritis of the knee, and type 2 diabetes These guides were previously only available in English. According to AHRQ director Dr. Carolyn M. Clancy:

“Many Spanish speakers don’t have access to credible, easy-to-understand information about health care conditions and their treatment options, and that can be a significant barrier to seeking medical care. These guides represent important resources that will help encourage patients to seek care and work with their doctors to discuss all of their treatment options.”

The 8 guides are as follows:

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