Anti-stress strategies: how to keep stressors at bay

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Kids. Work. Relationships. These are things that can give color to our lives. They can also be a source of stress. Research has linked stress to many chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease, depression, sleep disorders and ulcers. Stress also can aggravate diseases like cancer and mental disorders. According to Dr. Lorenzo Cohen, professor and director of integrative medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center:

“Chronic stress affects almost every system in our bodies and wreaks havoc on their functioning. It weakens the immune system, affects tumor development and makes it harder for your body to remain healthy.”

That is why we need to keep stressors at bay. Researchers at MD Anderson shares with us 5 tips on how to beat stress, as follows:

Share with us your anti-stress strategies. Let us from you!

In addition to these tips from MD Anderson, I have my own anti-stress strategies:

  • Watch a “feel good” film that you’ve seen before. There are films I love to watch over and over again – no surprises there anymore – that gives me such good feeling afterwards. My favorites are Forest Gump, A Beautiful Mind and Mama Mia. However, you shouldn’t get chilled in front of the TV that often as too much screen time is not good for your health.
  • Sit down with a favorite book. Here are my favorite volumes that I read over and over again: To Kill a Mocking Bird, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Frogs, Flies, and Dandelions, A Short History of Almost Everything.
  • Try out a new recipe. I go through my cookbooks and check out what’s yummy and healthy that I haven’t tried yet. With luck, I might come up with a masterpiece.

Share with us your anti-stress strategies. Let us from you!

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