iPad for your health, anyone?

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The iPad is barely 3 months old and it is already creating waves with in the health care sector.  Here are some news about iPad’s health benefits in general and iPad apps in particular:

iPad therapy for young patients

iPad helps young patients come to grips with serious diseases, according this video on NBC News. An 11-year old girl with sickle cell anemia found solace in an iPad during her trips to the hospital for transfusion. In fact, it made her hospital trips “impressive” rather than scary. The hospital staff reports that the iPad can help young patients in various ways, such as:

Distraction. We parents all know the importance of distraction when taking our kids to the doctor’s office. Unfortunately, as they grow older, there are less toys available for distraction. The iPad is the perfect distraction to help a tween through doctor’s check ups, whether it’s routine or for more serious conditions.

Preparation. With its interactive nature, the iPad is the perfect way to prepare techno-savvy kids for whatever treatment is in store for them. Somehow, kids could take things easier if they are delivered in a “cool” and “hi-tech” way.

Education. Beyond being a toy, iPad is an educational tool to help kids learn about health and medicine. It just needs the right apps on it.

Talking about iPad apps, there are some really helpful and free apps out there for those who monitor their health the digital way.

Calorie counter

This app tracks the food you eat and the progress you make with your workout program. But that is not all – it gives you a calorie break for each food item and it comes with a dietary calendar. And you can constantly update your food database by entering a manual barcode. And it is for free.

RecipeReader HD
Always on the look out for easy to prepare, healthy, low-carb recipes. The RecipeReader finds all these for you. You can then download the pdf files which can read offline while cooking. Another reason why an IPad does have a place in the kitchen.

101 Yoga Poses
For yoga lovers, here are your yoga poses at different levels and positions. It comes with clear photos and clear instructions, thus catering to beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike. One disadvantage is the lack of audio but this is ideal for peace and quiet and the big screen of an iPad.

iPeriod Free (Period / Menstrual Calendar)
This is to track your ovulation cycle the digital way. It is for those who want to get or not get to pregnant. It also tracks your mood swings based on your cycle. Perfect for the all women from tweens to middle age.

Check out for other free health apps at Top 50 Free Health and Fitness Apps.

Photo credit: Wikicommons Glenn Fleishman from Seattle, Washington

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