Peaches and plums are the new anti-cancer stars

June 14, 2010 by  

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It’s peach season now and plums come a bit later. These two fruits are the latest potential stars in fighting cancer the delicious way. According to a recent research from the Texas AgriLife Research, extracts from these two types of stone fruit made breast cancer cells “keel over”, yet leaving healthy cells unharmed. However, it is not just any cancer cell that these extracts attack – they are sure up to killing even the most aggressive types. In other words, peaches and plums may be strong weapons against cancer.

The researchers believe that the fruits’ anti-cancer properties may be mainly due to phenolic compounds that give the fruit their slightly acidic taste, aroma and color. According to Dr. David Byrne, AgriLife Research plant breeder

“It was a differential effect which is what you’re looking for because in current cancer treatment with chemotherapy, the substance kills all cells, so it is really tough on the body. Here, there is a five-fold difference in the toxic intensity. You can put it at a level where it will kill the cancer cells – the very aggressive ones – and not the normal ones.”

The researchers performed their tests using the commercial varieties “Rich Lady” peach and the “Black Splendor” plum.

Previous studies have shown that blueberries are star cancer fighters when it comes to antioxidant and phytonutrient contents. However, researchers believe the plums and now peaches are just as or even more potent. Two cancer-busting phenolic compounds were identified in peaches and plums: chlorogenic and neochlorogenic. These 2 organic compounds are occurring naturally in most fruits but they are especially concentrated in stone fruits such as plums and peaches.

The fact that these compounds are selective and target only cancerous cells, make them the more promising as anti-cancer agents. Dr. Byrne continued to explain:

“So this is very, very attractive from the point of view of being an alternative to typical chemotherapy which kills normal cells along with cancerous ones.”

What’s more attractive is the fact that peaches and plums are bigger than blueberries and relatively much cheaper too.

According to Dr. Luis Cisneros, AgriLife Research food scientist

“People tend to eat just a few blueberries at a time – a few on the cereal or as an ingredient mixed with lots of sugar. But people will eat a whole plum at once and get the full benefit.”

Now, if this report doesn’t motivate us to eat our daily portion of fruit, then nothing ever will.

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