How to counteract the emotional stress of the World Cup (or any sports event)

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Ok, so I like watching football every now and then but I am not one of those fanatics (fans for short!) who would stay up the whole night to watch all the games. Sorry to say this, but some matches can be downright boring. I mean where is the fun in watching 20 guys kicking a ball listlessly back and forth listlessly for 90 minutes and not even getting within 1 meter of the goal and ending up with a 0:0 score?

But there are matches which are so exciting and can be emotional stressful that I can truly understand why the rate of heart attacks spikes during major football tournaments. Take the game between European champions Spain and the underdog Switzerland yesterday. It was plain nerve-wracking, and a friend called it “a pain to watch”, especially in the second half.

So how did I make sure that my heart didn’t suffer too much during these stressful moments of the match? Well, here is what I usually do (and what I did yesterday):

Scream and shout. I do not repress my excitement, at least when I am watching the game at home. Screaming certainly helps me a lot when I saw the ball heading towards the goal. Okay, so it is not good for my vocal cords, not to mention for the people sitting next to me. But it eases the strain on my heart. Repressing excitement is actually bottling up feelings. The pressure builds up and can eventually explode. Screaming is the vent to ease the pressure.

Stand and jump. I can seldom sit for long while watching football. Standing, I can stretch, bend, pace around and jump up and down when the moment warrants it. It also prevents me from being sedentary. But something to lean on is great.

Drink plenty of liquids. This will drive me to the bathroom every now and then which is a good thing – I get to exercise and take a break. But I avoid alcoholic drinks or stimulants (e.g. coffee) though.

Tweet and post n Facebook. I am not really a big Twitter or FB user. But I did have my laptop nearby yesterday and posting on FB helped ease my tension and even added to the fun. Short tweets can be done through iPhone, too.

Walk away. If the emotional stress really gets too tough for me, then I walk away. It is equivalent to covering my eyes during the most suspenseful parts of films. I will always know the outcomes so why should I subject myself to the torture?

Watching the World Cup can be emotionally stressful. Or watching any favorite sports events for that matter. So what are your strategies in easing the stress to your heart at times like these? Share with us.

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One Response to “How to counteract the emotional stress of the World Cup (or any sports event)”
  1. Adra says:

    It looks like with these methods you are diffusing your stress through indulging in the very aspects the make the world cup exciting.

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