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Weight loss and calorie counting have gone high tech, too. Those are determined to lose a few kilos and keep them off for good may benefit from the wide range of phone apps for iPhones. I bring you couple of of apps that might help you get started and stay on a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Watchers Mobile, as the name says, is the iPhone app from Weight Watchers, the big name in weight loss. Tracking and calculating points values with your smartphone have never been that easy. It also gives the user access to more than 31,000 goof options, meals, and recipes. Then there is the shopping list tool as well as access to menus (and points values) of your favorite restaurants. And it’s included in your phone subscription!

Calorie Tracker is the iPhone partner to LIVESTRONG’s highly successful online tool the Daily Plate . It has access to Daily Plate’s online database of 450,000 food and restaurant items and their nutritional values. It helps you keep track of daily weight, food consumed and the corresponding calorie intake as well as physical activity and the corresponding calories burned. A great feature is that by physical activity, the apps does not only take into account the likes of work outs and jogging runs but also the daily activities like mowing the lawn, walking the dog, or pushing baby on the stroller. Calorie Tracker is for free but wireless Internet access is necessary to access the databases. An online version is available.

Nutrition menu. Now, for those who love to eat out but still watch what they eat should try out Nutrition menu. All the nutritional info you ever want about the food you eat everyday – carbs, fats, sugar, protein, sodium and fiber – are all in this app. What is more important is the access to content and nutritional info of more than 33,000 menus from more than 320 restaurants in the US and Canada. A big plus is that the app works and accessed the database without WiFi. Nutrition menu is purely about food, calories and nutrition. Exercise and weight are not integrated in the apps. At $9.99, it is a bit pricey compared to other apps.

iWeight Deluxe, at $ 0.99 US, is was much cheaper than Nutrition Menu. It, too, tracks your weight, calorie intake, and exercise and helps reach your weight goal. A plus is the inclusion of water intake, something that is important, yet usually missing in many fitness tolls and regimes. toTips on stress management, and directions to the nearest gym are given.

Weightbot is similar to iWeight in terms of price although it is much simpler and only focuses on weight gain or loss. Its simplicity probably makes it easy which is why it is available in 11 different languages.

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