Stress Management: Psychological Foundations

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PB/BShowing how to effectively apply stress management procedures, this proactive book delves into the psychological aspect of stress management to provide a deeper understanding of the origins and applications of stress management interventions. Covering the historical, theoretical, experimental, and physiological foundations of the concept of stress, it shows how these foundation materials provide the framework for the development and application of a wide range of stress management procedures.B/BDelineates the basic elements of today’s major stress management intervention techniques (describing when and how to use particular interventions to deal with specific stress-related problems); reviews the current status and developments in the field; deals directly with stress management procedures—detailing their origins, how they are implemented, and their current status in terms of overall effectiveness, and much more.B/BFor professionals in psychology and business management./PpbI. PSYCHOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS./b/pdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.2in;b 1. Stress./b/divbrdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.2in;b 2. Coping./b/divbrdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.2in;b 3. Models of Learning: Relation to Stress Management./b/divbrpbII. PHYSIOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS./b/pdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.2in;b 4. Physiology of Stress./b/divbrdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.2in;b 5. Stress and Illness./b/divbrpbIII. STRESS MANAGEMENT./b/pdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.2in;b 6. Stress Management: Introduction./b/divbrdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.2in;b 7. Basic Techniques./b/divbrdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.2in;b 8. Prevention./b/divbrdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.2in;b 9. Postvention./b/divbrpbIV. SPECIAL TOPICS./b/pdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.2in;b10. Drugs of Use and Abuse in Stress Management./b/div@KzáG®{ ¾Û€

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