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About 15% of couples are childless and about 50% of these cases may be due to male infertility, according to Urology web. Yet, this is a fact that is difficult for men to accept. In many cultures, male infertility is taboo and can be taken as synonymous to impotence.

Many men suffering from infertility are in denial; many are resistant to the idea of consulting a fertility expert. In many cases, women get to be blames for the childlessness.

This latest innovation from Taiwanese researchers, the so-called male fertility home test kit may just be the perfect way to clarify issues surrounding male infertility. The kit basically measures the efficiency (i.e. motility) of sperm cells and gives a numerical value to the sperms’ ability to reach an egg.

The kit presents a lot of advantages, namely:

  • Men can learn about their fertility in the privacy of their own home. They do not need to go through the embarrassment of consulting a health professional.
  • Because infertility can be caused by unhealthy lifestyles, men can consider going through lifestyles changes and monitor the effects of these changes in their sperm quality. According to Dr. Andrew Wo, head of the National Taiwan University research team that carried out the study:

“Infertility is often caused by lifestyle, such as stress  or tobacco use. So if people change their lifestyles, they will be able to use the kit to monitor their progress.”

There are similar products on the market but they are basically for performing sperm counts. This kit is supposedly the first home kit to test for sperm motility.

In the laboratory, male fertility is evaluated through semen analysis and fertility problems may occur if semen quality is poor. Semen is regarded as abnormal if any of the following is present (Source. Urology Web):

With a combination of home kits that count sperms and assess sperm quality, we might just have the first do-it-yourself semen analysis.

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One Response to “Home test kit for male infertility”
  1. Hi Raquel,

    I found your article very interesting.

    There is another home test kit for male infertility called FertilityScore that tests for motility as well as sperm count. It has been available in UK & Europe for several years now.

    Visit www.accessdiagnostics.co.uk/acatalog/FertilityScore.html for more info about FertilityScore home male infertility test

    or visit www.fertilityscore.co.uk/

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