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Source: CTV News - Help Haiti

Another 5.9 magnitude aftershock hitting PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti this morning .. and much more is needed to help Haiti recover from the quake that killed many people, and left many of the survivors without shelter, food or clean water. Please consider to donate, blog, retweet, share and forward this post to as many people as you can. // BATTLING FOR HEALTH


International Medical Corps is a global, humanitarian, nonprofit organization, founded by volunteer doctors and nurses and dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through relief and development programs. Their emergency response team is in Haiti responding in force. There are still thousands of patients seeking treatment of which approximately 80% are in need of surgery and are running out of time – especially with the tremendous aftershocks still devastating this country. The team is treating crush injuries, trauma, substantial wound care, shock and other critical cases with the few available supplies – And they’re in it for the long haul.

You can help … by not only donating money towards earthquake relief … but you can also help by spreading the word by blogging or tweeting about IMC’s and other worldwide rescue efforts. Worldwide Medical Corps has put up a widget to help facilitate this on their page:

With the widget, donating $10 to help the people of Haiti is as simple as sending a text message of the word “haiti” to 85944


Every dollar you contribute, up to $100,000 will be MATCHED by the Canadian Government, up to a maximum grand total of $50,000,000 – if you donate before February 12, 2010 (the one month anniversary of this quake). News Staff
Date: Tuesday Jan. 19, 2010 6:41 PM ET

In the days that have passed since a powerful earthquake struck Haiti on Jan. 12, Canadians have stepped up and contributed millions of dollars in donations to the relief effort.

Still, much more is needed to help the poverty-stricken nation recover from the quake that killed an estimated 50,000 to 100,000 people, and left many of the survivors without shelter, food or clean water.

The federal government has called on Canadians to dig deep and contribute generously to relief efforts, and has announced it will even match donations made by individual Canadians to the relief efforts, up to $100,000 each.

According to the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), which is running the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, donations must meet certain criteria to qualify for the matching funds.

Here are a few of the key points from the CIDA website:

* Donations must me made to a registered charity that is receiving donations for quake relief;
* The maximum donation to qualify is $100,000 — up to a total of $50 million;
* Donations must be made between Jan. 12 and Feb. 12, 2010.
* Donations must be made by individual Canadians;
* Money collected from fundraising events undertaken to raise money from individuals for quake relief, is also eligible.

CIDA will then allocate the matching funds to established Canadian and international organizations, at its own discretion.

For more details about how the matching funding will be distributed, read CIDA’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has compiled a guide, How Canadians Can Help, with tips to avoid scam artists and ensure donations are sent to reputable groups. It offers a list of more charities.

Also, the Canada Revenue Agency has created a page to help Canadians be “informed donors” and ensure charities are properly registered.

And here is the CIDA page with specific info on the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund and how registered charities can qualify for the match funds.

Following is a list of links to Canadian organizations that are accepting donations for Haiti relief efforts:

* Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian arm of the international aid and medical relief organization works around the world through the federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

click here to donate

Text Messaging: Donors interested in this option text REDCROSS to 30333 and a one-time donation of $5 will be added to their mobile phone bill. The charge will be posted once the donor responds to a confirmation text.

* Unicef Canada

This well-known organization’s is to raise funds to support UNICEF’s work for children in more than 150 countries and territories and build awareness among Canadians about the issues facing the world’s children.

Click here to donate

* The Humanitarian Coalition

This group is a joint effort between Oxfam Canada, Oxfam Quebec, CARE Canada and Save the Children. The humanitarian coalition is dedicated to a united response in cases of humanitarian crises.

Click here to donate

* Plan Canada

Plan works to promote child rights and lift millions of children out of poverty based around eight core areas: education, health, water and sanitation, protection, economic security, child participation, sexual health including HIV.

Click here to donate

* Hopital Albert Schweitzer

Through funding from registered charities like Canadian Friends of Hopital Albert Schweitzer – Haiti, this hospital provides front line relief in Haiti and has been doing so for more than half a century. The facility is now fully committed to treating victims of the recent earthquake.

Click here to donate

* Direct Relief International

This organization provides specifically requested medical resources to community-based organizations in 59 countries.

Click here to donate


This international organization — for which actor Matt Damon is a major spokesperson — focuses on five priorities that it believes contribute to the totality of a child’s wellbeing: water, hunger, healthcare, education and play.

Click here to donate

* Doctors Without Borders

This international organization focuses on emergency medical relief in areas where there is no medical infrastructure or where the existing one cannot withstand the pressure to which it is subjected.

Click here to donate

* United Jewish Appeal of Greater Toronto

This Jewish group is seeking donations and has already sent $45,000 to IsraAid: The Forum for International Humanitarian Aid, to support search and rescue efforts in Haiti. The group is sending a team that includes medical staff, to Haiti.

Click here to donate

* Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Winnipeg-based humanitarian agency of the Lutheran Churches in Canada, working with Lutheran World Federation, on the ground in Haiti providing both immediate and long term redevelopment assistance.

Click here to donate

* Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund

Canadian Anglican response for emergency relief, refugees, development, and justice. Sending grants to ACT Alliance members for food, temporary shelther, water cleaning materials in Haiti.

Click here to donate

* Habitat for Humanity

Planning for cleanup and salvage for materials that can be recycled into new materials, plus shelter kits and transitional shelter.

Click here to donate

* Salvation Army

This Christian organization is asking Canadians with Rogers and Bell cellphones to donate $5 or more by texting the word “haiti” to 45678. Donations can also be mailed or dropped off at local offices.

Click here to donate

* World Vision Canada

World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization that works with children, families and communities around the world to deal with poverty and injustice.

Click here to donate

* SOS Children’s Villages

This independent, non-governmental social development organization works to unite families, shape futures and develop communities and has been doing so since 1949.

Click here to donate

* Samaritan’s Purse

This organization’s emergency relief programs provide assistance to victims of natural disaster, war, disease and famine, through provision of food, water and shelter.

Click here to donate


Working with Haitian micro-finance organization Fonkoze since the 2008 hurricanes, to help the vulnerable and poor feed their families and re-establish their lives.

Click here to donate

* Free the Children

Working on the ground in Haiti with local organization, Partners in Health, to provide emergency relief and medical supplies.

Click here to donate

* The Mennonite Central Committee

MCC’s work in Haiti over the past years has focused on reforestation and environmental education, human rights and advocacy for food security. MCC is responding to the Haiti earthquake with emergency assistance and long term reconstruction and trauma support.

Click here to donate

* Mission Aviation Fellowship

Canadian branch of worldwide team of specialists, meeting the transportation and communications needs of overseas missions and relief and development organizations. They have a Canadian pilot in Haiti now.

Click here to donate

* Centre d’etude et de cooperation internationale (CECI)

CECI is a private, not-for-profit corporation that fights poverty around the world, and has operations based in Haiti. CECI has had a permanent presence in Haiti for the last 30 years. They had 150 team staff there before the quake hit.

Click here to donate

* Shelterbox is a Canadian organization that distributes boxes containing a 10-person tent and survival equipment. Every $1,000 collected provides shelter for a family of 10 for up to 6 months.

Click here to donate

* Global Aid Network (GAiN)

Relief and development organization. The national director in Haiti is operational on the ground and deeply connected to a distribution network of churches and volunteers.

Click here to donate

* FTC Canada

This Christian organization tackles hunger around the world, and has operations in Haiti, where it offers food and education to children.

Click here to donate

* Christian Reformed World Relief Committee

CRWRC has a long history in Haiti, receives matching funds from the Canadian government, has people on the ground full time and is preparing a long term response.

Click here to donate


A Canadian based organization, established in 1975, which has been working in Haiti since the 1980s. Responding to the disaster by providing emergency medical care at several locations.

Click here to donate

* Humanity First

An 11 member-team has arrived in Haiti for relief work. The team consists of medical and non-medical support staff carrying medical supplies.

Click here to donate


ADRA is on the ground in Haiti, preparing for immediate relief of earthquake survivors. The ADRA network, established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, has been working in Haiti for more than 30 years providing relief and development.

Click here to donate

* United Nations World Food Programme

While not a Canadian organization, the UN WFP is a major international agency devoted to fighting hunger around the world, and is voluntarily funded. It’s currently mobilizing all available resources to Haiti.

Click here to donate

* Cellphone Donations

Canadians can also donate to Haiti using their cellphones:

If you text the message “Haiti” to 45678, you will contribute $5 to the Salvation Army’s relief effort.

Rogers and Fido customers can also donate by sending the text message “HELP” to 1291. Rogers said 100 per cent of the donations will be provided to Haitian relief organizations.

Red Cross: Donors interested in this option text REDCROSS to 30333 and a one-time donation of $5 will be added to their mobile phone bill. The charge will be posted once the donor responds to a confirmation text.

SOURCE: CTV Newsroom


Please take the time to find a reputable agency in your country to provide a donation to the Haiti Earthquake Fund. Currently, it’s estimated that the Red Cross has received over $17 million donations over the cell phone via texting – and you should be warned that the maximum amount that you will be able to text-donate is $10.00. If you are asked to donate more, please go to the online website to donate instead, as you may be a victim of exploitation by spammers.

If you are unsure if you are donating to a legitimate registered charity and will be receiving a tax deductible donation slip, feel free to check your tax office online and see for yourself. The tax deductible status of registered charities can be found at the IRS Registered Charities Page (in USA) or search the Canada Revenue Agency’s List of Registered Charities Page (Canada)

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