Cancer Vaccines and Tumor Immunity

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iCancer Vaccines and Tumor Immunity/i offers a review of the basic scientific discoveries that have moved forward into clinical trials. Presented in the context of real-world human research and experimentation, these major scientific advances demonstrate how our understanding of immune activation, T-regulatory cells, and autoimmunity will impact cancer vaccine design. The authors also explain how vaccination in the context of bone marrow transplantation will open new avenues for clinical study in the future.bContributors./bpbForeword./b Cancer Vaccines and Cancer Immunotherapy. A New Paradigm(Jeffrey Schlom).pbPART I. INTRODUCTION./bpChapter 1. Cancer Vaccines. Progress and Promise (Rimas J. Orentas, Bryon Johnson, and James Hodge).pbPART II. ADJUVANT THERAPY: ENHANCING THE ENDOGENOUS IMMUNE RESPONSE./bpChapter 2. Fully Synthetic Carbohydrate-Based Anti-Tumor Vaccines (Rebecca M. Wilson and Samuel J. Danishefsky).pChapter 3. Bacillus Calmette-Guerin Immunotherapy of Genitourinary Cancer (Donald L. Lamm).pChapter 4. Stimulation of Toll-like Receptor 9 for Enhancing Vaccination (Daniel E. Speiser and Arthur M. Krieg).pbPART III. ANTIGEN-SPECIFIC THERAPY: NOVEL PRESENTATION OF PEPTIDE AND/b bPROTEIN ANTIGENS/b.pChapter 5. Polyepitope Vaccines (Corey Smith and Rajiv Khanna).pChapter 6. Antigen-Specific Cancer Immunotherapy: HPV-Associated Cervical Cancer as a Model System (Shaw-Wei D. Tsen, Chien-Fu Hung, and T.-C. Wu).pChapter 7. Poxviral Vectors for Cancer Vaccines: State of the Art (Elizabeth K. Wansley).pChapter 8. Immunotherapeutic Strategies Against Cancer Using iListeria Monocytogenes/i as a Vector for Tumor Antigens (Nicholas C. Souders, Thorsten Verch and Yvonne Paterson).pChapter 9. Coupling Innate and Adaptive Immunity with Yeast-based Cancer Immunotherapy (Sibyl Munson, Joanne Parker, Tom King, Yingnian Lu, Victoria Kelley, Zhimin Guo, Virginia Borges, and Alex Franzusoff).pbPART IV. CELL-BAS@V8Që…¸ ¾Û€

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