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earRod Stewart, Franka Potente, Diane Kruger and most recently Laura Pausini, these are just some of the many celebrities who are ambassadors of the “Hear the World“, featured in an exhibition of photography at the Saatchi Gallery in London last month. No less known is the photographer himself, no other than the Canadian musician Bryan Adams. Yes, Bryan, aside from being a hitmaker, is a talented photographer as well and is the official photo man of the Hear the World Initiative. His subject? His colleagues, from Placido Domingo to Amy Winehouse, from Annie Lennox to Mick Jagger, all posing with a hand cupping the ear, highlighting the importance of the hearing organ.

The exhibition is part of the Hear the World initiative, a project of the not-for-profit organization Hear the World Foundation, supported by the Swiss-based hearing aid manufacturer Phonak. It covers a wide range of activities – “from the education about the topic of hearing and hearing loss to the respective prevention measures such as offering hearing protection at events with high noise levels.”

The ambassadors contribute in anyway they can, through their art, be it in the form of music, acting or pictures to promote the importance of our sense of hearing and prevention of hearing loss.

The Bryan Adams photographs were exhibited in a Zurich exhibition last year. They are available for purchase ( www.hear-the-world.com/exhibition) and proceeds from the sale of the pictures will benefit the Hear the World Foundation. The goals of the Hear the World initiative are:

According to Dr. Valentin Chapero, CEO of Phonak and President of the Foundation Board of Hear the World.

“Hearing is quality of life, and people should be more aware of this. If we succeed in raising this awareness through Hear the World, my goal is achieved.”

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