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alcohol_champagne_glassesQuitting – be it smoking, drinking, taking pills – is difficult, no doubt about that. However, it is not impossible. I therefore list here a few well-known people who had alcohol problems, still have problems, but managed to quit. In doing so, I hope to inspire those who want to quit to try and try and try.

George W. Bush. Despite his shortcomings as US President, former President George W. Bush is a living example that quitting is possible. He admits to having some alcohol problems up to the age of 40, referring those years as his “nomadic” and “irresponsible youth” period. He has a criminal record for disorderly conduct (age 20) and drunken driving (age 30). According to this 2000 New York Times article.

“… as he approached 40, an age when Al Gore was already a senator running for president, George W. Bush was just a heavy-drinking, fun-loving oilman struggling to control his temper, salvage his business and hold on to his marriage.

However, the article went on to say that Bush was late bloomer who redeemed himself at midlife and in the process, achieve something extraordinary – serving as the 43rd US President.

Richard Harris. The Irish actor was an inveterate drinker who managed to quit and went teetotal till his death at the age of 72. In his early years, he was well-known for his role as King Arthur in the film Camelot and as a mercenary in The Wild Geese. His most recent and perhaps most memorable role however, was as Professor Dumbledore, Harry Potter’s friend and mentor, in the first two Harry Potter films. In addition to being an actor, Harris also wrote poetry.

Alice Cooper. The leader of the American rock group KISS looks like somebody out of a horror film when he turns out for a show. In real life however, the 61-year old Vincent Damon Furnier is a devoted father and born again Christian. He credited his religious beliefs and his passion for golf as the major factors that helped him overcome his alcohol and drug problems. He says that when he took up golf, he replaced one addiction with another, albeit a healthier and better one. He plays golf six days a week and is almost a “pro.” His 2007 autobiography was entitled

Alice Cooper, Golf Monster: Rock ‘n’ Roller’s 12 Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict.

Samuel L. Jackson. Mr. Jackson is another one of those showbiz people who had an alcohol and drug problem but managed to stay dry during the last 15 years after undergoing rehabilitation. Like Cooper, he too, took up golf and got hooked. In fact, “he has it written into contracts that he must have time out from filming to play twice a week.” Check out this article on Jackson

From coke addict to golf addict: How Samuel L Jackson found salvation on fairways to heaven.”

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