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worldnewsHappy 4th of July to all Americans!

CVD heart victim watch

Mainly medical unknowns regarding Michael Jackson’s apparent cardiac arrest
A week after his death, there is still little known about the cause of Michael Jackson’s cardiac arrest. Here are some theories:

  • Overdose of prescription medications. This is the most popular theory but without a toxicology report, this remains speculative.
  • Heart attack. This is highly unlikely since initial autopsy reports do not support this.
  • Complications from lupus. Jackson had lupus, an inflammatory disease that can also affect the heart and lead to a heart block.
  • Stress. Some experts suggest that Jackson may have been under too much stress. Jackson was about to start a major concert tour in two weeks and has been having major financial problems.

Jackson’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray has been questioned by the police to shed light on the mysterious circumstances of his death.

CVD drug approval watch

FDA Approves Multaq to Treat Heart Rhythm Disorder
The US FDA has approved dronedarone, marketed under the brand name Multaq. Multaq is a pharmacological agent to maintain normal heart rhythms in patients with arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter. However, the drug carries a black box warning in its label because it can cause life-threatening adverse reactions in patients with heart failure.

CVD tobacco watch

FDA Seeks Public Input on Tobacco Regulation
With its new power in regulating tobacco products as provided for by the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, the US FDA is not seeking input from the general public and consumer on the implementation of its new role. The public is invited to share their views on a wide range of issues, from marketing to advertising, to marketing, which will all be posted online.

“We’re interested in receiving input from across the country as the FDA begins to implement this important new authority intended to reduce the enormous toll of suffering and death caused by tobacco products in the United States,” said Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg, Commissioner of Food and Drugs. “We look forward to the public’s response.”

CVD chemical watch

BPA causes arrhythmias
The notorious plastic component bisphenol A (BPA) is back on the headlines again. The Endocrine Society has recently released its Scientific Statement on endocrine-disrupting chemicals and BPA is on top of the list. In addition to its hormonal effects, scientist reported that BPA exposure causes irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias) in female (but not male) mice. The society vowed to press for new government regulations to “decrease human exposure to the many. endocrine-disrupting agents.”

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