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heartsHow good is your knowledge of your heart health? Want to know more but doesn’t have the time to read up and do research? Or you just want to do something fun and learn at the same time? How about taking one of the Healthy Heart Quizzes at the American Heart Association site? Or all of them, for that matter? They’re easy to do online and would just take a few minutes of your time.

Or do you think you know it all? Well, that’s what I thought. And look how I did on the quizzes. Hmm…

Cholesterol Quiz
10 questions on cholesterol and I got nine of them right. Ok, so one is a bit tricky, “hidden”, so to speak. But hey, one can’t always perfect the test, right?

Diabetes Quiz
I got five out six questions right. Ah well, the sweetest is always the most difficult. But I did learn something.

High Blood Pressure Quiz
My blood pressure IQ? A dismal 8 out of 10 correct answers. Uh-uh. Thanks goodness I am not suffering from hypertension.

Test Your Fats IQ
Are you facing the facts of your fats? Whew! This is finally something I got right. Still some of the questions are rather difficult and I really had to pause and think hard.

Physical Activity Heart Health Quiz
Just eight little questions and I have to get the gender question wrong. What a bummer!

Workout Quiz
Well, this one’s rather easy and I got all 9 questions right. I guess I get to be luck at some stage.

And guess what? I did all these in less than an hour!

So are you ready to check out your heart health IQ? Hey, come on. It’s for free. And not having enough time is the most overused excuse in the whole world.

And while you’re at it, tell me how you did and whether you learned something new. Come on, take up the challenge and beat my scores!

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