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It’s a little bit late but here it is … your health care updates for this weekend.

doctorsWho’s campaigning for health care?

This family-focused advocacy group is campaigning for a better health care system for America’s families. According to Donna Norton of MomsRising.Org, “a shocking 7 out of 10 working-age women have no insurance, are underinsured, or are in debt because of medical bills.1 And an estimated 5 million children remain without healthcare.”

Who’s been indicted?

International medical device maker and four executives charged in connection with unlawful clinical trials
The global medical device manufacturer Synthes (US entity) is charged with conducting unauthorized clinical trials. Four top executives were also charged in the case.

What’s new in research?

Hysterectomies a stem cell source
Brazilian researchers report in The Journal of Translational Medicine that fallopian tubes removed from women during hysterectomy can be a source of “politically correct” stem cells. The researchers discovered an abundant number of immature cells in the tubes. Currently other viable sources of stem cells aside from human embryos are umbilical cords, menstrual blood, teeth and fat tissue is viable.

What’s to watch out for?

Computer Injuries Show Dramatic Increase
Computer injuries are on the rise and U.S. Census Bureau’s statistics show it is not the back, eye, and finger problems associated with computer work that are increasing. It is actually the accidental injuries. “Not surprisingly children under age 5 had the highest injury rate. The leading cause of injury for children 10 and under and adults over 60 was tripping or falling over computer equipment or its wiring. The most common injuries involved extremities and lacerations were the most common at 39 percent with contusions and abrasions at 23 percent. Young children were more apt to sustain head injuries.

What needs to be improved?

Publics’ Ignorance Of Human Anatomy Revealed
How well do you know your anatomy? British researchers report that many people are not capable of identifying the location of major body organs. This is true even if they are currently undergoing treatment for the said organ. The survey was based on an interview with 722 people who had to identify organs from pictures. Only about half of the answers were right. It is also surprising that many people could not locate properly even the supposedly well-known organs such as the heart, lungs and bladder. This has some consequences in the effectiveness of doctor-patient communication.

Have a great weekend!

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