Denial can be deadly – participate in the National Alcohol Screening Day

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alcoholApril 9th is the 9th Annual National Alcohol Screening Day (NASD). Have you even thought of taking a self-assessment for alcohol problems? Or are you in denial? You’d be surprised to know that the following may have some alcohol problems:

  • Straight A college students
  • Pregnant women
  • Successful professionals
  • Well-off retirees

And you could be one of these!

According to Dr. Ting-Kai Li, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

“As many as one-third of Americans may engage in drinking practices that place them at heightened risk for the medical disorders alcohol dependence (alcoholism) and alcohol abuse.”

One fo the sponsors of NASD is the not-for-profit organization Screening for Mental Health (SMH).  SMH is offering a confidential and free screening for alcohol problems to help people find out whether a professional consultation is necessary. The screening can be done online and is designed for individuals aged 17 years old and older. It is anonymous and the privacy of the respondent is protected.

Many people think they have everything under control. “Other people have alcohol problems but not me“, is something that is heard often. However, denial can be deadly.

According to Charles G. Curie, administrator at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

“A truthful self-assessment about alcohol use may not be easy but denial can be devastating or even deadly. Too many Americans realize too late that alcohol misuse can lead to incredible losses: lost family and friends, lost jobs and opportunities, and lost lives. Especially during this stressful time, we urge all American adults to understand the effects of alcohol on health and learn their own risk levels. Doing so can change lives.”

Here are three scenarios that SMH describes to indicate whether you need to take the alcohol screening self-assessment or not:

Drink so much you forget what happened?

Tried to cut back but couldn’t?

Friends and family concerned about your drinking?

Alcohol is also offering another online self-assessment called “How much is too much?

Many organizations have planned screening events to today to encourage people to be honest to themselves and go for screening. Colleges and universities across America are especially concerned by the rising incidence of binge drinking among college students and are therefore offering free screening and counseling today.

Also: check out addiction books in this site.

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