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Today is Friday the 13th. No need to worry, no need to be nervous.  We have lots of good heart news for you today. Have a nice weekend.

CVD pharma watch

Merck To Acquire Partner Schering-Plough
After the Pfizer-Wyeth deal last month, another pharma merger/acquisition is in the making. Merck & Co will pay $41 billion to acquire Schering-Plough. In doing so, Merck will be able to “diversify its portfolio, bolster its position in emerging markets, and increase its ability to discover and develop biopharmaceuticals.”

CVD patient watch

Philip Poole-Wilson dies unexpectedly
The well-known British cardiologist Dr Philip Poole-Wilson collapsed on his way to work on March 4. He was an expert on heart failure and coronary heart disease. Poole-Wilson has just recently retired but served as an honorary consultant at Imperial College London. The cause of death is suspected to be myocardial infarction (heart attack).

CVD research watch

Obama overturns stem-cell ban
Good news for stem cell research advocates. President Barack Obama overturned rules limiting research using human embryonic stem cells in the US. The limiting rules were in place for almost 8 years during the administration of ex-President George W. Bush and led to American researchers lagging behind in this field compared to their European counterparts.

CVD regulatory watch

FDA Approves Cardiac Adhesion Barrier for Pediatric Use
The regulatory body US FDA approved the cardiac adhesion barrier Repel-CV earlier last week for pediatric use. Repel-CV is a synthetic film barrier inserted over the heart just before a surgeon closes the chest following an open-heart procedure. During the early healing stages, the temporary, absorbable barrier helps reduce the severity of post-surgical adhesions.

CVD alternative medicine watch

Alternative and Complementary Medicine Should Have Role in New Era of Health Care Reform
While universal health care advocates and stem cell researchers were pretty upbeat about the current trends set by the new US administration, advocates of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) are hoping that they won’t be left behind when the winds of change come. According to a recent editorial in the January issue of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine “new momentum for health care reform, which at its core should encompass universal coverage along with evidence-based methods of prevention, chiropractic, and CAM.”

CVD consumer watch

Attorney General Announces Baby Bottle Makers Agree To Stop Using BPA; Calls For Legislative Ban
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of the state of Connecticut announced last week a “major public health victory” when all six major manufacturers of baby bottles have voluntarily agreed to stop using bisphenol A (BPA) in their manufacturing process. As you may recall last year, BPA was found to leach out of plastic bottles and was linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurological disorders.

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