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It was initiated by the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), adopted by the World Cancer Summit 2008, and endorsed by the World Cancer Congress in Geneva last September 2008. It is the World Cancer Declaration 2008.

What is WCD?

The declaration is actually a “call for action from the global cancer community … to governments, international governmental organizations, the international donor community, development agencies, professional organizations, the private sector and all civil society to take immediate steps to slow and ultimately reverse the growth in deaths from cancer, by committing to the targets set out below and providing resources and political backing for the priority actions needed to achieve them.”

The World Cancer Declaration (WCD) 2008 contains a global plan to address the cancer crisis. It serves as global template for government leaders and policy makers to address the said crisis especially in “less affluent” nations.

What are the targets?

WCD 2008 aims to significantly reduce global cancer burden by 2020. To reach this end, WCD recommends 11 targets for 2020 as well as identifies the priority steps to be taken in order to meet these targets, some of which are given below:

Who is behind the declaration?

The WCD was initiated by UICC which has more than 300 member organizations in over 100 countries worldwide. The member organizations consist of research agencies, foundations, advocacy groups, medical professional groups, governmental and international health agencies and other not-for-profit organizations.

Aren’t these targets a little bit superambitious?

The UICC and supporting organizations and advocacy groups believe that these targets are ambitious but still doable if only everybody does his/her part.

Is there anything we can do?

Yes, there is. You can endorse and sign the declaration, either as an individual or as an organization. Endorsement is so easy and can be done online. The only information you have to give is your name, your email address, and the city and country you live in. Your privacy will be protected.

Your endorsement is a sign of solidarity and will show global leaders that we are united in our commitment to fight cancer. The WCD endorsement form is available in several languages including Chinese, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Show your support and sign up today!

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One Response to “Sign up for the World Cancer Declaration”
  1. I fully support the World Cancer Declaration and all efforts to decrease the tremendous toll that cancer inflicts on people of all nations. As a physician and patient advocate, I have written a booklet for people being treated for cancer, “Being Treated for Cancer? A Doctor’s 137 Tips to Keep Your Life Healthy and Manageable” available on my site, When you are diagnosed with cancer, it is like getting on the wrong rollercoaster, and you are too busy going to doctors and getting treatment to have time to figure out how to navigate the cancer system. My booklet provides useful tips for you and your loved ones on how to manage.

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