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News from survivors

Cervical cancer survivor will hold Walk 2 Inspire event to raise awareness
Quita Gibson of Augusta, Georgia had to have trachelectomy – surgical removal of the cervix after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She celebrated the 1st year anniversary of her survivorship last September. Her experience and the support she got from the National Cervical Cancer Coalition inspired her to set up her own support organization Walk 2 Inspire. Walk 2 Inspire works to bring awareness of cervical cancer in the Augusta area and provide a support system for cervical cancer patients and survivors while educating women about the importance of regular pap tests.

News from the health care system

Health Care Reform – Why So Much Talk and So Little Action?
This perspective article discusses what goes wrong with well-meant intentions that never get implemented and gives some recommendations on how to resolve the US health care crisis.

New from clinical trials

Ireland Cancer Center researcher finds most triple-negative breast cancers express MUC-1 target
Researchers at the Ireland Cancer Center of University Hospitals Case Medical Center are testing a novel vaccine that targets the MUC-1 protein. The majority of the so-called triple negative breast cancers express the MUC-1 target. According to head researcher Dr. Joseph Baar, “this vaccine trial has the potential to rev up patients’ immune response to the MUC-1 protein and shut down the tumor’s ability to grow. Women with this aggressive triple negative breast cancer have an increased risk of recurrence and we are hoping to provide them with protection against the return of this deadly disease. Our findings that have been presented at the San Antonio Breast Symposium provide us a strong basis for this trial.”

News from the laboratory

Scientist find novel use for old compound in cancer treatment
α-difluoromethylornithine or DFMO has been around for about 30 years. The compound was was develop in the 1970s for cancer therapy but wasn’t pushed through due to toxicity issues. According to researchers at Scripps Florida Department of Cancer Biology “over the past five years, it has undergone a rebirth as a chemoprevention agent, first showing efficacy in animal models of human cancer and more recently in human prostate and colon cancer. Our study shows that it likely works in a large cast of tumors, even those having poor prognosis, like high-risk neuroblastoma.

News from the regulators

FDA Issues Guidances for Industry to Improve the Safety of Food, Feed and Drugs
The US FDA issued on January 15 several guidances for industries to ensure the safety of FDA-regulated products before they reach the consumers. The following guidances were issued:

  • Final Guidance for Industry on Voluntary Third-Party Certification Programs for Foods and Feeds;
  • Draft Guidance for Industry on Submission of Laboratory Packages by Accredited Laboratories; and
  • Draft Guidance for Industry on Standards for Securing the Drug Supply Chain – Standardized Numerical Identification for Prescription Drug Packages.


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