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There have been lots of criticisms in recent years as to how Christmas has become too commercialized, that present giving has lost its meaning amidst all the glitter of advertisements and other marketing strategies. It is therefore heart warming to know that there are companies out there who have strong social responsibilities and thus combine marketing with advocacy work, profit-making with sharing, and selling with honest giving. Here are some tips on how to make your Christmas shopping and present giving more meaningful and satisfying this year.

L’Oreal Color of Hope Jewelry Collection
L’Oreal Paris is a company well-known for its pro-cancer advocacy. For almost 10 years now, it has helped in raising more than US$ 18 million dollars for funding research on ovarian cancer. With L’Oreal’s Color of Hope Jewelry Collection, we have the chance to give a meaningful gift to a loved one and hope to thousands of women suffering from ovarian cancer. The Color of Hope necklace is especially noteworthy. The necklace was designed by Philip Crangi, winner of the 2008 Swarovski Accessory Design Award. It features a double eternity ring design of cubic zirconia set in sterling silver. One ring is worn for remembrance and one ring is worn as a symbol of hope for the future. For every purchase of the necklace, L’Oreal donates 5$ to the Ovarian Research Fund.

Better Homes and Gardens books
The book company Better Homes and Gardens has been a partner of Susan G. Komen for the Cure in the fight against breast cancer for years now. To date, the Pink Plaid Limited Edition Cookbooks have raised more than $675,000 for Komen, the world’s biggest breast cancer foundation. The latest release is available just in time for Christmas, which will bring in a minimum promised donation of $250,000. Another gift item available is the volume Words for the Cure, a “collection of uplifting thoughts and images is designed to provide comfort and inspiration for breast cancer survivors and co-survivors.

Handcrafted quilts are being auctioned at ebay for the benefit of cancer research. Sponsored by the magazine American Patchwork & Quilting, the Quilt Pink Charity Auction, proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Truly a gift that can warm the body and the heart!

Cancer awareness gifts
Most cancer advocacy groups sell cancer awareness products ranging from bracelets to teddy bears to T-shirts and water bottles. They also offer gifts for cancer patients and their caregivers. From their profits, donations are made to cancer research centers. A few sites are listed below:

A list of other “pink” products that you might consider adding to your shopping list can be found here.

Please take note the group Breast Cancer Action recommends that you ask these 6 critical questions before buying pink products. “Think before you pink” is the way to go.

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