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Documentary films might not be your cup of tea but you have to try this one. The Meaning of Tea, a film by Tea Dragon Films, is a 74-minute documentary on – well, tea. Now, you may ask, what is so special about a film about – of all things – tea? What on earth is so exciting about tea? Well, check out this press release:

The Meaning of Tea is an engaging documentary film that explores the romance and complexities surrounding tea, a universally beloved and widely consumed beverage. The film travels through eight countries, unveiling many reasons behind tea’s mysterious appeal. From afternoon tea in the Midwestern United States to tea estates in India, from the traditional tea ceremony of Japan to modern tea life in Morocco, the film explores the rituals and ceremonies of tea celebrated and enjoyed by a myriad of unique cultures. With an exciting mix of interviews, archival footage and music, the film sheds light on tea’s many varieties, whose value, use, practices, and traditions are sometimes misunderstood, neglected, and even threatened by today’s marketplace. The common thread weaving together these individual stories is the question of whether there is any inherent “meaning” to be found in tea, particularly in an era increasingly dominated by mass-marketing, fast food and corporate coffee. The film also examines the role certain modern forces pay in threatening the survival of tea and its cultural significance. By visiting places where tea is still revered and by investigating its role in these societies, The Meaning of Tea suggests the profoundly positive role tea may play in the future of humanity.

Tea is supposedly the most popular drink in the world after water. However, experts may argue that it has been overtaken by soda and other sweetened drinks among the younger generation. We know, however, the adverse health effects that soda has brought about. Tea, on the other, has been shown to have beneficial effects on our health as I’ve written in previous posts:

The Meaning of Tea was directed and produced by Scott Chamberlin Hoyt, together with Michaela Mckee and Keir Moreano. The film may just be “the beginning of a movement to reduce the stresses of our “amped-up high-tech world by encouraging people to have a cup of tea.” Now, that’s what I call a relaxing idea!

Photo credit: 2008 Tea Dragon Films

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