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With the growing popularity of pink products for the month of October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month; have you ever wondered if everything is as pink as it appears?

I found a very thought provoking site in my travels through cyberspace seeking out cancer news: Think Before You Pink, challenges people to do just that.

Think Before You Pink is a project of Breast Cancer Action:

Our plan goes beyond the notion of “the Cure,” and tackles the most pressing issues that must be addressed for real change to happen. By “Challenging Assumptions” and “Inspiring Change”, we are shaping the future of what happens in all the important aspects of breast cancer. Nearly twenty years ago, BCA initiated the conversation to address toxic exposures and environmental links to breast cancer. Because of those early conversations, researchers and some mainstream breast cancer groups are now dedicating time and money to understand those links. More recently, BCA began questioning cause marketing for breast cancer, and more organizations are now urging people to “Think Before You Pink” as a result. Based on our experience of driving new thinking about breast cancer in the past, it is time to drive the conversation to new ground again. BCA is the organization best poised to make this happen by focusing on emerging issues in breast cancer.

One of the 2008 initiatives of Think Before You Pink and BCA is

Yoplait Put a Lid on It campaign.

“Yoplait is urging consumers to buy its yogurt in the name of breast cancer. But what’s under the lid might not be so good for our health—it’s actually made with milk from cows that have been treated with the synthetic hormone rBGH.

This October ask Yoplait to do the right thing for women’s health.”

Tell Yoplait to go rBGH-free.

Yoplait markets its yogurt as being healthy for women, but what’s under the lid is a different story.

Yoplait yogurt is made with milk from cows that have been injected with a synthetic hormone called recombinant bovine growth hormone (called rBGH or rBST). There are numerous health concerns surrounding rBGH, and breast cancer is one of them.

rBGH is unsafe and unnecessary. Mega-corporations like Wal-Mart and Starbucks are already making their dairy products rBGH-free. If these companies can do it, Yoplait can too.

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