DexCom STS Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

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In 2006 the FDA approved the DexCom STS Continuing Glucose Monitoring System for monitoring the blood glucose levels of diabetics over the age of 18.

Per the FDA guidelines, this prescription device is used to report glucose values every 5 minutes for up to 72 hours.

The sensor is inserted in the abdomen. After a 2 hour start-up period, the STS System is calibrated with 2 fingerstick measurements taken by a traditional glucose meter. After calibration, the STS System provides a glucose reading and updated glucose trend information for viewing every 5 minutes. The STS System also contains a built-in alarm that can be programmed to alert the user when results fall below pre-set low and pre-set high levels.

Since the FDA approval of the DexCom STS the company manufacturer has upgraded the system and this new system is call the SEVEN System. “The Seven System measures glucose throughout the day and night, allowing users to see trends and patterns in glucose readings. Glucose trends, alerts and a low ALARM provided by the Seven System help users stay between the lines of their target glucose range. ”

Details on the Seven System:

Comprised of three parts

1. The Sensor

  • Tiny flexible Sensor goes under the skin
  • Small Sensor — so small that it fits completely inside the insertion needle
  • Smallest insertion needle (26 gauge) available
  • Detachable, disposable applicator for easy and reliable insertion

2. The Transmitter

  • Water resistant (up to 3 feet for 30 minutes)
  • Uniquely miniaturized size is comfortable and discreet
  • Wirelessly sends glucose readings to Receiver
  • Gentle adhesive
  • New microprocessor for improved Sensor data processing

3. The Receiver

  • Designed for easy viewing of 1-, 3- and 9-hr glucose trends and current glucose readings
  • Next generation software is intuitive and reliable
  • Wireless for convenience and transportability
  • Carried or worn within 5 feet of the Transmitter
  • Stores up to 30 days of data
  • Data is downloadable to computer for viewing of long-term trends

Preview the product with the Seven Sensor interactive video tutorial now!

And check out marathon runner and triathlete, Tom Kingery’s blog, Running on Empty, where he shares his personal experiences with the DexCom.

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