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Check this out: Young Voices Unite, national online video campaign, is inviting people affected by type 1 diabetes to submit a 1-minute video message with 1) their personal story and 2) how our next president can help change the future of diabetes. Discovery Health will give the videos national exposure and for each video submission, Novo Nordisk will donate funds to Junior Diabetes Research Fund JDRF (up to $25,000).

The top video will be featured during the World Diabetes Day Young Voices: Life with Diabetes Forum in New York City. Submitting videos is absolutely free, so take advantage of this opportunity to get your desires, attitudes, wishes and needs about diabetes heard! The deadline is October 24th! More information is available here.

“While there are many life-changing experiences during the transition from adolescence to adulthood, teens and young adults who live with type 1 diabetes are confronted with unique challenges and crossroads, such as:, “How do I tell my friends at school?”; “How do I tell my boyfriend or girlfriend?”; “How do I get my parents to trust that I can manage my disease without their constant nagging?”; “Will my parents trust that I will be okay in college?” These are just a few examples of obstacles faced along the road to adulthood.

Discovery Health, Novo Nordisk, Discovery Education, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) are teaming up to launch Young Voices: Life With Diabetes, a national web-based video campaign allowing teens and young adults to share insights on challenges you face living with diabetes.

Use this site to unite as a community and learn about managing diabetes throughout life’s transitions. Building on the momentum of the upcoming election, record a one minute video message to the incoming President highlighting your opinions, attitudes, wishes and needs for how diabetes care can be improved.
You’ll get a chance to screen many of the videos submitted. We’ll also have a community of young adults just like yourself so you can get connected.”

Check out the promo video here.

Thanks to Shira Silberman and the folks at Novo Nordisk, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Discovery Health, and Discovery Education for contacting Battling Diabetes with the information on this great campaign.

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