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One of my very favorite magazines is Prevention. How can you not love a magazine that supports my favorite TV show, The Biggest Loser?

But I digress.

The October 2008 issue of Prevention is especially awesome as it features several cancer topics:

I’ll hit the highlights and you can run out and grab a copy.

Are You Afraid of Cancer?

This exclusive Prevention magazine poll teams with the experts at M.D Anderson Cancer Center to see what you really know about cancer and what you do to prevent it. Check out the results here.

Check out the article by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PHd. Edible Healing.

Dr. Servan-Schreiber was diagnosed with brain cancer 16 years ago. Following chemotherapy he went into remission. When the cancer came back he had more surgery and chemotherapy. This doctor set out to find an edible cure.

If you can’t wait to read the article you can check out his anti-cancer diet videos online:

1. My Diagnosis: How I Discovered the Anticancer Diet

2. Surprising Foods that Hurt and Heal

3. Top Cancer-Fighting Exercises

Your Best Breasts!

This article takes a decade-by-decade look at the latest news on pain, cancer, the ups and downs of surgical enhancement and includes the inside story on how the breast ages. You can also read the entire article by Beth Howard, here.

Real Life

Health Heroes: The Breast Crusaders. Four pioneers who will change how you think and feel about your breasts. This article by will introduce you to:

  • Ann Murray Paige, the woman whose breast cancer journey was filmed in The Breast Cancer Diaries, a documentary,
  • author Jack Willis who wrote Saving Jack: A Man’s Struggle with Breast Cancer,
  • Shelley Lewis, who penned the humorous side of cancer in Five Lessons I Didn’t Learn from Breast Cancer (and One Big One I Did),
  • and musician Melissa Etheridge.

Article by Deborah Baer.

As you can see, October is a totally packed issue and I’ve only mentioned those topics that pertain to readers of Battling Cancer.

Check it out. Subscribe. I do.

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