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A while back I did a post that asked the question, “Do You Need an Elder Law Attorney?”

Today, I want to give you some resources to help you navigate caregiving from a legal perspective. For me, the legal issues were a necessary evil. I needed to be able to make decisions for my mom, so I got Durable Power of Attorney. I took care of mom’s financial matters, so that the very little she did have would not prevent her from getting “tuition assistance” for adult day care.

I got copies of her medical records because I moved her to another state and wanted to have everything at my fingertips.

Fortunately or unfortunately, she didn’t have lots of assets, so we didn’t have to contend with that, still, as I look back, I probably could have benefited from having a professional to help me to navigate some of the situations I faced.

Most of these are web-based resources, but each state has resources for the elderly as well. Senior centers, some churches and some states have a 211 human services information line.
All you need to do is pick up your phone and dial 211. You will be connected to an operator who will help direct you to the right place.

This is a great site. You can be part of a blog, read and submit questions for the question and answer section, get information about elderlaw for a variety of different states and they will also help you to find an elderlaw attorney.

This site offers memberships at various levels to help you get your caregiving organized. The silver level is free and provides: emergency online information, emergency card, refrigerator envelope, access to resource links, monthly caregiver tips, and access to Lifeledger™ library. The platinum level offers more bells and whistles, and is available for $4.95 per month.

Department of Social Services (Your State)

This is where you will find all the information that is specific to your state. You will be able to determine, what if any, financial services your loved one qualifies for. The department of social services will be able to provide a list of senior centers and adult day care facilities in your area.

United Way

United Way services vary by state, but it is definitely worth giving them a call. From free or reduced price legal services to trips to the mall, United Way provides a myriad of services. Your local United Way may even have some services to help lighten your load as a caregiver.

Caregiving is challenging enough without trying to play attorney too. Even if you feel like your situation is not that complicated or feel as if you can’t afford an attorney, at least consider using some of the resources above to help you through these trying times as you battle the monster, Alzheimer’s disease.

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One Response to “Legal Resources For The Caregiver”
  1. Vasilly says:

    I can’t imagine being placed in the position of needing to organize my parents estate in the event of a serious illness. The resources provided here, along with others available in my state will definitely come in handy if I ever need to saddle up and take care of business for them. I also know a few people who I’ll be directing to this list so they can make some immediate use of it.

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