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Every year close friends of mine participate in the NOCC (National Ovarian Cancer Coalition) Walk that raises funds and awareness for ovarian cancer.  I have had the opportunity to participate for two years.  I did so willingly and felt great about supporting my friend and her family.  Yet, I also felt a little twinge of guilt.

As I walked and visited the vendors, I kept thinking, “I should be doing something for Alzheimer’s disease.”  That’s the disease that crept in and stole my mother from me.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  Ovarian cancer is a horrible disease and there are many other diseases that deserve our attention, but Alzheimer’s disease has impacted my family and me deeply and personally.  So, that’s why I find it interesting that I don’t support activities that are directly related to battling the monster, Alzheimer’s disease.  The disease that was such a major force in my life.  I haven’t been a caregiver for two and a half years now, but when I hear of a diagnosis or recognize those familiar signs in someone, my stomach gets all knotted up.

Maybe that’s it.  Maybe it’s still too close.  But, emotional or not, it’s time to raise awareness and funds to beat this horrible disease.  The statistics are staggering.  Today, there are 5 million people living (and dying) with Alzheimer’s disease in the United States.  By 2050, that number is projected to reach 16 million.  Something must be done, and quickly.

The Alzheimer’s Association sponsors the Memory Walk. It takes place in cities across America, usually during the early fall.  There are several ways to participate:

* You can start a team or join one.

* You can walk as an individual.

Even if you can’t walk you can still support the Memory walk.

* You can volunteer and help in a number of ways

* You can tell others about the walk and encourage them to participate

* You can encourage and financially support a walker or team that is already established
You can give a general donation

* You can do a virtual walk if there is no walk in your area

With all of these ways to help, I am ashamed that I have not participated in the push to research, fund and ultimately eradicate this horrible disease.

So, join me as I make a conscious effort to get involved in raising awareness and funds for the battle against Alzheimer’s disease.

I’m Loretta Spivey and I approve this message

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