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Walk to Fight Diabetes!! The American Diabetes Society’s Step Out!

Check out the video here.

Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes, formerly America’s Walk for Diabetes, is about changing the face of diabetes in our country—by raising funds to help find a cure and by walking a few miles to bring a greater awareness to this devastating disease.

Step Out is a whirlwind day packed with energy, fun, support for others and a perfect amount of selfless dedication. Anyone can take part in Step Out—your participation isn’t measured by your dexterity or the speed you walk, but by the level of your enthusiasm and your commitment to ending diabetes.

Gather your friends and family to walk and raise funds for Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes in your city. Together, we can crush this epidemic.

Step Out. Start or Join A Team. Sponsor a Walker. Be a Volunteer.

By taking part in this event, you’ll be stepping out onto the streets to help change this growing epidemic. Here are a few more reasons you should take pride in participating in Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes:

  • About one in 10 American adults now has diabetes.
  • Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death by disease in the U.S.
  • One out of every three Americans born today will develop diabetes in their lifetime if present trends continue.
  • Nearly 5.7 million people (nearly one-quarter) of the 23.6 million children and adults in the U.S. living with diabetes are unaware that they have the disease.

Go to the site and find a walk near you.

Here’s the walks coming to my area:


Colorado Springs

October 4, 2008



October 25, 2008

Not only is stepping out a great initiative from the American Diabetes Association but it is a great way to get moving and get in shape.

WebMD released an articles on diabetes and weight loss today: Weight Loss Helps Diabetes Control:Study: Type 2 Diabetes Patients Who Lost Weight Soon After Diagnosis Had Better Control. ” People diagnosed with type 2 diabetes who lose excess weight soon after their diagnosis are up to twice as likely to maintain control of their disease than those who don’t lose weight or who gain weight, according to a new study.”

How about this recent article in the July 28, Walking for 45 minutes helps to control diabetes. “People with diabetes can limit the impact of the condition simply by walking for an extra 45 minutes a day, according to scientists who found exercise helped to keep blood sugar levels in check.”

Ever wonder how many calories you burn walking? Check out the calories burned estimator

Are you ready to Step Out?

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