Springing Back From The Flu, Some Tidbits On Living Life With Arthritis

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I’ve been bugged down by flu recently and so I had to rest for awhile and just sleep the night off than usual. But I am back and now it’s the first of August. Wow, time flies really!

Now it’s Friday. But before I close my week and take it easy the rest of the weekend, let me share with you all a few things that show how life with arthritis can be lived with some better quality, if we make some adjustments.

1. Kitchen adjustments and tools that can help those with arthritis

Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1987, Tuovi Cochrane, 67, of Rockford, has joined thousands of women in inventing new ways to create in the kitchen.

Using a specially designed ergonomic kitchen knife with a broad blade and sawlike handle that is easier to grip, Cochrane is able to slice, dice and chop.

For opening jar lids, she uses the adjustable Black & Decker Lids Off, which can handle even small prescription-pill containers.

2. Lower arthritis risks with simple changes

  • Keep your weight down: excess weight puts additional stress on the joints and is especially hard on the knees and hips.
  • Don’t avoid exercise: Although high-impact activities can irritate arthritis, keeping muscles strong and joints moving is therapeutic; try swimming, yoga or even golf.
  • Take stretch breaks at work: Don’t sit or stand in the same position for long periods of time. Stand up and move or stretch every 30 minutes.
  • Get your vitamins: everyone can benefit from a healthy, balanced diet, but getting adequate calcium and vitamin C is of particular importance to bone and joint health,
  • Wear comfortable shoes: Don’t sacrifice your health for fashion; high heels put added stress on feet and knees.

3. Wii Fit as indoor exercise for arthritis patients

Elaine Bartz would never lie to her doctor.

Since the 62-year-old grandmother bought a Nintendo Wii Fit system to help fight her arthritis, that hasn’t been a consideration.

“Every time I go to the doctor, she would ask me if I’d been exercising, because I do have high cholesterol, too,” Bartz said. “I would say, ‘Uh, no, I’m not.’ Now, when I go to her, I can say I am exercising daily.”

4. Yoga for arthritis

Thanks to fascinating advances in medication too, which has definitely saved an arthritic from the devastating side effects of steroids. But, have we hit the nail on its head? Have we been able to cure or prevent joint diseases? The answer is a clear ‘No’.

5. Cooking workshop that may help arthritis patients

This month, the Indiana Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation will team up with Whole Foods Market to offer a short series of FREE, fun and educational courses for the community called Healthy Cooking 101. These courses were created for Indiana residents who struggle with rheumatoid arthritis but still want to maintain some sort of independence in the kitchen.

Well, we all do need all the help we can get. Be it turning ergonomic, doing yoga or buying the Wii fit, i think I won’t hurt to try and see what’s going to work for you. Take your prescribed meds too! Most importantly, you gotta eat right.

That’s all for now and I wish you all a great weekend.

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