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Lots of interesting information to share about diabetes!

JUST IN FROM JDRF…August 1, 2008.

Win an Autographed 2008 Tour de France Yellow Jersey!

Tour de France broadcaster Craig Hummer is auctioning off a 2008 Tour de France Yellow Jersey signed by himself and his fellow broadcasters Bob Roll, Phil Liggett, and Paul Sherwen. Craig has a daughter with type 1 diabetes and is donating all of the proceeds from the online auction to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.

Check out the auction on EBay!

Have you seen Blood Sugar Bingo??

“Blood Sugar Bingo is designed to assist those with type 2 diabetes who are newly diagnosed, have had the disease for many years, those with insulin resistance, or family members of an individual with type 2 diabetes. It teaches concepts of type 2 diabetes in a non-threatening, interactive, fun atmosphere and is suitable for diabetic education classes and diabetes support groups.”

  • Identify the risk factors for the development of type 2 diabetes
  • Understand possible symptoms
  • Comprehend the major complications of type 2 diabetes
  • Learn recommended goals for management to decrease risk of complications
  • Discuss importance of meal planning
  • 5 Categories:Risk Factors,Complications,Meal Plan,Symptoms,Goals
  • 10 Picture Cards per category

Available in English or Spanish.

Check out this CBC video on YouTube.com

Doctors are now taking more aggressive measures in order to help the 57 million Americans at risk of developing diabetes. As Dr. Jon LaPook reports, a healthy diet and exercise are essential.

Check out the BAD RIDE, bringing the biker community together to fight diabetes!!

“Rip’s B.A.D Ride—Bikers Against Diabetes—is a motorcycle fund-raising ride and family festival of the American Diabetes Association. This event unites the biker nation in the fight against diabetes with a full day of great riding, big entertainment, delicious food, lots of activities and a good vibe!

The B.A.D Ride was started in Southern California by Rip Rose, a biker and photojournalist for Easyriders, who wanted to bring the biker nation together in the fight against diabetes. Today, that dream is a reality.

Each ride has multiple start locations, where riders meet in the morning, hang out, and begin an escorted ride to the final destination. Don’t feel like being part of the pack? Sleep in and ride over directly to the festival site!”

Headline Diabetes News:

UPI . com, July 30th, 2008. Rice Compound Cuts Diabetic Nerve Damage. Incredible. A compound that reactivates when brown rice is soaked in water for hours before cooking reduces diabetic damage in nerves and vessels. This news from researchers at the Medical College of Georgia.

MSNBC . Com, July 27, 2008. Artificial Pancreas, Just Years Away, Researchers Say. The link between diabetic insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring, in the form of an artificial pancreas is in the near future.

NIH News, June 16, 2008, Hearing Loss Is Common in People With Diabetes. Hearing loss is twice as common in adults with diabetes, than adults without.

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