CVD News Watch for the Weekend, August 22

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Another weekend to look forward to. Relax, enjoy and happy reading!

CVD TV watch

Untold Stories Of The Heart

NBC and Go Red for Women join forces to bring heart disease stories on TV this coming fall. The special will feature Marie Osmond and Hoda Kotb and

will focus on real women’s stories of struggle, success and support. Their stories will inspire conversation, compassion and greater understanding of the important journey to heart health.

Mrs. International Laine Eden Berry also shares her heart story here.

CVD product watch

FDA and Boston Scientific recall NexStent carotid stent system

Bad news: Several stents have been recalled by the US FDA and stent manufacturer Boston Scientific. The products concerned were NexStent Monorail, NexStent Carotid Stent, and Monorail delivery system manufactured June 12, 2007 and May 2, 2008 and distributed between June 19, 2007 and May 5, 2008.

Good news: The recall does not apply to stents already implanted.

CVD healthcare watch

Seeing Red: The Growing Burden of Medical Bills and Debt Faced by U.S. Families

The price of health can be quite high and the number of working-age Americans paying off (whenever they can) medical bills has increased from 34% in 2005 to 41% in 2007. This translates to about 72 million people. Add to that 7 million senior citizens (65 and above) and you get a total of 79 million people having medical debts. These figures are based on a survey conducted by Commonwealth Fund.

CVD treatment watch

Risks of Combining Certain Cholesterol and AF Drugs

Safety alert for clinicians from the US FDA: coadministration of certain anti-cholesterol medications and medications to control atrial fibrillation might not be compatible and can result in a rare but potentially life-threatening condition of muscle injury called rhabdomyolysis. The following medications are in particular risky:

Simvastatin (marketed as Zocor and generics), ezetimibe/simvastatin (marketed as Vytorin), niacin extended-release /simvastatin (marketed as Simcor), used with amiodarone (Cordarone, Pacerone), an antiarrhythmic drug approved only for controlling life-threatening recurrent ventricular arrhythmias. (Source: Heart Rhythm Society).

Read more about the alert here.

CVD weight watch

Obesity in elderly a ticking time bomb for health services

Good news: Obesity in adults is not closely linked to early death.

Bad news: However, it can lead to increased disability as people grow older.

This is according to a study conducted by UK researchers and reported in the August 2008 issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. The increasing trend towards excess weight in the elerly can present a big burden in health services, especially in the developed world.

The research team recommends that older people should talk to their doctor or other health care professional about their weight, and take their advice regarding slimming down if they are overweight. The advice may include more exercise, a change in diet, or both.

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  1. Thanks for dropping, Matt and for the link, too.

  2. Matt says:

    I am strongly against the use of statins to reduce cholesterol, It can be done much more safely using magnesium, water, and exercise. I would highly suggest any one worried about this topic to check out this article Magnesium and Walking Will Always be Superior to Lipitor

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