CVD News Watch for the Weekend, August 1

August 1, 2008 by  

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It’s Friday again and I am bringing you good and not-so-good news from the CVD front.

CVD biotech watch

New research on pre-eclampsia in mice may have important implications for humans

Researchers at the University of Texas-Houston Medical School were able to induce pre-eclampsia in mice by injecting the animals with certain human autoantibodies isolated from women with the disorder. The researchers were able to reverse the symptoms by giving the mice drugs that blocked the autoantibodies. This breakthrough can lead to new therapies for the prevention and management of pre-eclampsia.

CVD patient watch

Overweight elderly Americans contribute to financial burdens of the US health care system

Overweight people incur higher healthcare costs than those with normal weight, according to reports published in Health Services Research. Over a lifetime, an overweight or obese elderly person will cost Medicare 6 to 17% more than a person of similar age but of normal weight. Obesity is major risk factor for cardiovascular disorder and type 2 diabetes.

CVD drug watch

Federal authorities seize xiadafil vip tablets after company refuses to recall product

This drug is sold as nutritional supplements but actually contains hydroxyhomosildenafil, which is very similar to sildenafil, otherwise commonly known as Viagra, the popular prescription drugs against erectile dysfunction (ED).

ED is a common problem in men who have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease. Because they may have been advised against taking ED drugs, men with these conditions may seek alternative products like Xiadafil VIP tablets because they are marketed as “all natural” or as not containing the active ingredients in approved, prescribed ED drugs. Furthermore, because the manufacturing source of the active ingredients in many of these alternative products is unknown, consumers should also be aware that the safety, efficacy, and purity of these ingredients have not been verified by the FDA.

CVD nutrition watch

Iron intake linked to blood pressure

Intake of total and non-haem iron which is found in vegetables has a positive effect on blood pressure (BP), according to researchers at the Imperial College London. However, no link was found between BP and dietary haem iron from animal sources.

CVD legislation watch

Statement by American Heart Association President Timothy J. Gardner, M.D. in response to Senate vote on STOP Stroke Act omnibus package

The American Heart Association expressed disappointment over the House of Senate’s vote on the STOP Stroke Act omnibus package. According to AHA President,

“…the Senate vote is a huge setback for stroke patients, caregivers and healthcare providers in our ongoing battle against this debilitating and costly disease…Our lawmakers missed an opportunity to help Americans get appropriate and timely care to minimize the devastating consequences of a stroke.”

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