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Here’s a heads up on a virtual community called Second Life.

Second Life is that 3-D virtual world where people create mini versions of themselves and interact. There are about 13 million registered Second Life accounts world wide and at any given time about 38,000 people are using the social network.

Launched in 2003 by Linden Lab, a San Francisco-based software firm, it not only is an interactive audio and visual community with interactive avatars but it encourages online selling of virtual digital content and has a marketplace that “currently supports millions of US dollars in monthly transactions. This commerce is handled with the inworld unit of trade, the Linden™ dollar, which can be converted to US dollars at several thriving online Linden dollar exchanges.”

Check out Second Life on Wikipedia.

And for a tour of Second Life, check it out here.

Now just how does this relate to cancer?

Another feature of Second Life is its ability to fundraise for non profits.

The American Cancer Society has expanded its role in the Second Life community by establishing the American Cancer Society Island. This virtual space serves a number of purposes including an interactive cancer information resource center, a venue for peer support groups, as well as a headquarters for in-world event planning.

Using this awesome technology, ACS has also partnered with Second Life in Relay for Life.

From The American Cancer Society:

Relay for Life is coming back to Second Life for a 4th consecutive year. In 2007 Second Life Relay for Life raised more thatn $118,000 and attracted more than 1.700 participants in the virtual walkathon event.

This year’s event takes place Saturday, July 19 on Second Life.

The difference between the Second Life virtual Relay and the real-world one is just that. This Relay takes place in the virtual world.

“Second Life residents set up and decorate campsites, and sell small items to help raise Relay money just like at your local relay. However, since this is a virtual environment you may see some teams offering blimp rides, or holding sailboat races inside the park.” ACS Relay shirts for your avatar will even be available for sale.

So get over to the registration site and start creating your avatar and your Second Life and participate in the Relay for Life, TODAY!

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