Obesity Increases Risk for Alzheimers-Another Great Reason to Lose Weight

July 14, 2008 by  

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New studies reveal that obesity increases risk for Alzheimers disease. You probably already know that being obese increases your body’s resistance to insulin. Your body produces insulin to lower blood sugar levels. This increase in resistance then makes your body produce more insulin and this cycle results in type 2 diabetes which seems to be a precursor to Alzheimers disease.

University of Washington researcher, Suzanne Craft PhD., and her colleagues have found that insulin doesn’t only cause inflammation in the body, but also in the brain. This inflammation of the brain increases level of beta-amyloid in the brain. Beta-amyloid is a protein that happens to be the main substance in the plaques that bind the brain of people with Alzheimers disease. Craft and her team performed a test on volunteers, in which they created an insulin resistant state in their bodies and then took a spinal tap. The results were very revealing. Along with inflammation, there was an increase in the compound F2-isoprostane. Alzheimers patients have an unusually high level of F2-isoprostane. This confirms that obesity increases risk for Alzheimers disease which is another great reason to lose weight.

If you are obese, or insulin resistant you should seriously consider losing weight now. There are many companies out there that claim to have a quick-fix solution. Don’t be scammed. With a sensible diet and excerise and proper detoxification, you will definitely get results. Find out how other people just like you detox to lose weight fast with natural products.

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Belinda Gibeau is a respected author in the area of alternative health, namely detoxification. She has held her interest and the interest of her readers by keeping abreast of new products and techniques. She is Co-Founder of several online businesses such as www.detoxtoloseweightfast.com and www.jbdetox.com

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2 Responses to “Obesity Increases Risk for Alzheimers-Another Great Reason to Lose Weight”
  1. praju212 says:

    Diet control and workout are only the real friends of healthy life

  2. Wow, it seems that obesity leads to just about every health problem. We need to develop a better relationship with food in our society.

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