Eating Pineapple is Good For Your Joints

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Honestly I never thought about it before, never bumped into the information as well until recently that I have been exchanging emails with an old college friend of mine that is working at Dole (Asia) and saw this in her email signature:

A Superfood for Your Joints – pineapple is the only source of the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain. Research has linked bromelain with significant reduction in knee pain. Learn more at”

Then it so happened  that on Monday, my mother had pineapple slices in our fridge — the small varieties but lot sweeter (than those giant hawaiian pineapples) that thrives here in my region. Well you see I’m not such a fan of pineapples, I always find it too sour even when i was a young kid. If I force myself to eat some, I get sick in the stomach. Maybe that’s just because I have always been hyperacidic. Would your believe even the plain pineapple juice in cans (even the sweetened ones) make my stomach sick? Well until Dole (and Del Monte!) came up with their tropical mixes of juices such as pineapple-orange and pineapple-guava. I love the one with guava though, of course it is sweet and i never took it on an empty stomach.

But yeah, even from long ago I knew that pineapples have got natural chemicals in them that is good for the body and because it is fibrous it indeed good for washing away toxins in one’s intestines. Just watch the current tv ads of Del Monte pineapple juice and that’s what they always say. 😉

Now Dole has got and I am at a time in my life I’d eat and drink anything that will make my joints a lot better as long as they’re from natural sources. Yes folks I ate my own dust, I’m not ignoring pineapples anymore. That very day I described above? I ate 4 pineapple slices in one sitting! Good thing I didn’t get sick. It was right after my lunch of stir-fried-all-veggies-chinese-noodles that my mother whipped up in our kitchen.

Well…I’ve committed to eating healthier since towards the end of 2007 when osteoarthritis hit me in the face and I almost can’t walk. What i mean by eating healthier is not going on a diet to lose weight, but changing what I eat to more fish, sometimes chicken, a lot less pork and definitely no beef (i almost never ate beef anyway, due to allergy), more veggies and more fresh fruits.

Since then I still am leaner, my joints a lot better. I do walk our yard on a daily basis for  exercise and i prop up my feet while I work near our bed. That way my legs are less stressed, have better circulation and i have have my ginger rub in handy on days I forget and stressed my knees. These are indeed better days.

Now to my friend J at Dole: I need a truckload of Dole pineapples! Send them over, okay? Haha! Kidding.

[Disclaimer: This is not a Dole-sponsored post!]

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