Dementia, Alzheimer’s, the Elderly and Sex (part 3)

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Okay, this is my last post on the whole dementia, Alzheimer’s and sex subject. But this subject really has me thinking about the rights of people with dementia.

Is a 14 or 15 year old any more able to give consent than a person with dementia?

Is it actually possible for caregivers to discuss this issue and come to a conclusion when the loved one is in the earlier stages of Alzheimer’s disease?

Should long term care facilities/nursing homes make provision for spouses or “friends” to have sexual relations?

How does the dynamic change is one person has dementia and the other does not? Does it matter if the affected person is a male or female?

Should families or facilities make arrangements for safe/clean sexual encounters between residents?

At what point, if any, should facility staff/management get involved in relationship between patients?

Was there a relationship prior to the dementia (as in the case of a spouse or a person who entered the facility for something other than dementia, but now has dementia)

What part do the persons past morals and values play in the decision?

Should the caregiver’s morals be considered?

I suppose all of these questions mean that it’s an area that must be carefully studied, that there are as many answers as there are individual situations. In many religious traditions, sex outside of marriage is forbidden. The “rule” is usually enforced for the young or for divorcees. Does it actually apply to the elderly as well?

Please, I’ll give you a virtual penny for your thoughts. What’s your opinion?

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One Response to “Dementia, Alzheimer’s, the Elderly and Sex (part 3)”
  1. Frank Deliso says:

    Very important discussion most importantly for seniors like me.

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