CVD News Watch for the Weekend

July 4, 2008 by  

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Starting this month, I will be compiling the week’s news related to cardiovascular disorders (CVD) for you to read over weekend.

CVD nutrition watch

Green tea protects against heart disease

Several cups of green tea a day can keep the doctor away. A study published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation presents evidence than green tea may not only have protective properties against cancer, it can also protect us from heart disease. It seems that green tea improves blood flow and helps the arteries to relax. Click here to read more. Source: Reuters Health this week.

CVD treatment watch

Invasive treatment appears beneficial for men and high-risk women with certain coronary syndromes

This article reports that certain invasive treatments such as heart catheterization, for example, may not beneficial to all coronary patients. These therapies may be good for men as well as women with high risk profiles resulting in lower risk for hospitalization, heart attack or death. However, such therapies can actually elevate the risks in women with low-risk profiles. It is therefore recommended that invasive treatments should only be prescribed after a full and extensive analysis of profile risks, especially in women.

Source: Journal of American Medical Association:

CVD weight watch

Cleveland Clinic hooks up with Weight Watchers

Cleveland Clinic is taking cardiac health seriously. It runs a completely smoke-free shop and serves on trans-fat free food. Recently, the clinic offer free Weight Watchers program to any employee enrolled in an in-house health plan. Employees also gets access to weight management programs, fitness centers and smoking cessation programs at no cost.


CVD lifestyle watch

“It’s summertime! Make living heart healthy!”

The American Heart Association is giving tips on how to enjoy your summer while keeping your heart healthy. These tips include safe and heart-healthy activities, and heart-friendly recommendations for the grill. Read more.

CVD biotech watch

“New Molecular Trigger Described for Hypertension, Diabetes”

Development of hypertension, immune problems, and diabetes may be due to enzymes gone awry, according to a report in the June 30 online issue of the journal Hypertension. This new mechanism has been observed in laboratory studies on rats at the University of California, San Diego.

Source: HealthDay News

CVD cholesterol watch

Memory in Old Age Linked to HDL Levels Now

ABC News tells us how “good” cholesterol HDL benefits not only our heart and blood vessels but also our brain. There is even a video clip to watch.

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