Alzheimer’s Disease Information for Patients and Families

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With millions of people around the world caught in its grasp, Alzheimers is a disease whose implications are still being felt. Sneaking in and slowing removing a person’s ability to recall, function and even remember their own family and friends, this condition is a nasty one that can impact not only the affected patients, but also everyone around them. With this in mind, it is very important for people faced with this condition to arm themselves with solid Alzheimers disease information.

Despite or in spite of its widespread reach, there are a lot of myths that surround Alzheimers. While having correct Alzheimers disease information won’t likely provide a family with the solace it might need following a diagnosis, it can help them better understand the condition and what to expect. Separating the fact from the fiction is very important for those who need to make decisions about future care and potential treatments.

Let’s look at some of the myths that sometimes prevent the real Alzheimers disease information from getting out:

* Memory loss is normal. While it might be normal to become a little forgetful as we age, serious memory loss is not normal. Any severe loss of memory, such as that associated with Alzheimers or other forms of dementia, is not normal under any circumstance.

* Aluminum causes Alzheimers. The real Alzheimers disease information to be had out of this one is that there is no known cause for this condition. There are some potential links, but confirmation has not been made. In regard to aluminum specifically, studies have not been able to determine a real link between drinking out of cans and contracting Alzheimers. The flu shot rumor also doesn’t seem to be true.

* The condition is not fatal. This is a false piece of Alzheimers disease information. While it is more likely that other conditions will arise that can be fatal before the deterioration progresses to the parts of the brain that control major bodily functions, the disease is considered fatal in and of itself by many experts.

* Diet sodas cause Alzheimers. This is another fallacy. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been studying this claim since some scientists raises concerns about Nutrasweet and Equal, but no connection has been found as of yet.

* Alzheimers can be stopped in its progression. Sadly, this is not true. While there are some treatments that might slow the steady pace of progression, stopping it is not possible at this time. It might even be possible to stabilize a patient for a while, but no treatments have proven effective over the long haul.

Alzheimers disease information available to date doesn’t provide a lot of answers for patients and their families that might be struggling to come to grips with a diagnosis. The reality is there is still much to learn about this condition and with how little is actually known, many myths seem to thrive.

Patients and families with questions and concerns should seek medical advice. There are even some very good support groups for those impacted by this mysterious and devastating condition.

For more information on Alzheimers, try visiting – a website that specializes in providing Alzheimers related tips, advice and resources to include information on Alzheimers disease information.

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