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There’s an interesting report about the survey on arthritis patients in Canada. According to the new survey, most arthritis patients in Canada do not take their arthritis medications even though they are in pain and know that their medications work.

It is quite insightful because the reasons why they don’t take medication is I guess the concern of any other arthritis patient in the world.

I for one can say that I got afraid of the side effects. I haven’t had any pain medication for months now even when i was in pain months back. The good news only is that the lifestyle changes has really been beneficial.

Anyways, I’m copying here, the findings of the above survey:

  • although 70 per cent of arthritis patients find medicine alleviates their symptoms, nearly nine in 10, or 87 per cent, do not always take it.
  • 24 per cent of Canadians with arthritis suffer from frequent pain
  • Four in 10 of them say their pain is getting worse
  • 37 per cent of patients take less medication than they should because they are concerned about taking too much and 13 per cent never take medication.
  • 67 per cent of patients take their medication only when they are in pain and are therefore not using it as a preventative measure.

However, I admit that I should go back to my doctor for a follow up check-up and discuss my treatment options. I haven’t been back for some 6 months I guess — which is reply bad of me I agree. I really have to go as soon as possible.

Well anyway, Dr. Carter Thorne, a rheumatologist at South Lake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, Ontario said:

A few important things that an arthritis patient can do to best manage their disease:

  • Know what form of arthritis you have and how it is best treated.
  • Learn about any medications you have been prescribed and how to take them properly.
  • Talk to your family doctor, rheumatologist or physiotherapist and use resources such as The Arthritis Society.

Other ways for arthritis patients to manage their symptoms include:

  • Exercise, such as swimming, walking and cycling, to strengthen muscles and improve range of motion in the joints.
  • Losing weight to reduce the stress on joints.
  • Hot and cold compresses to relieve pain and inflammation.

What about you? What keeps you from taking your arthritis medicine?

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