Organizing Your Kitchen-Safety First!

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So, are you getting control of your clutter? How’s the organization coming along? Here’s what we’ve covered so far.

Why Get Organized?

General Organization 101

Caregiver Organization Books and Papers

Conquering the Clutter in Your Closets

Organizing Your Bedroom

Today, we turn our attention to the kitchen. A neat and well organized kitchen can save lots of time. Toss in some deliberate meal planning and you will gain at least an hour, if not more per week.

However, from a caregiving perspective, you want to first and foremost, make sure that the kitchen is a safe place. It is for this reason that I’ll dedicate today’s post to safety concerns.

If there is any question with regards to proper utilization of knives, scissors or small appliances like blender, mini-choppers, food processors, etc. then they should be put out of reach.

Give serious attention to the “junk drawer.” It’s an accident waiting to happen. Screwdrivers, scissors, knives and matches can cause major problems. Even seemingly innocuous items like pencils, erasers, pens and safety pins can be problematic.

Consider childproof latches on cabinets where cleaning supplies and medications are kept.

Kitchen rugs are cute, but can be a real hazard. Be sure they are non-slip. Also watch to see if your loved one’s depth of perception is off. Depending on the color or texture, your loved one may feel as if he or she has to step up or down to properly negotiate the carpet. This could result in injury due to slip or fall. At some point throw rugs may need to be thrown away.

The stove, oven, dishwasher and garbage disposal are also potentially dangerous. The stove and oven are self-explanatory. Burns can occur and damage can occur via the dishwasher if not properly used. A confused person can easily get his or her hand or something else caught in the garbage disposal.

You will have to adjust your own safety measures depending up on your loved one and where he or she is in the disease process.

Just think, “safety first” AND to be willing to err on the side of caution as you battle the monster, Alzheimer’s disease.

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