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Yesterday, we talked about why caregivers need to get organized. The primary benefits were the time to be saved because of he decreased need to search for misplaced items and time saved in cleaning home and office with less clutter.

Cleaning professionals say that getting rid of excess clutter would eliminate 40% of the housework in an average home.

If you are like me, you recognize the need for getting organized, you just can’t imagine that you have the day or d-a-y-s that it will take to get everything in order.

Time getting organized is time well spent. One hour spent getting your life in order could save you several hours later. So, let’s get at it.

General Organization Tips:

Start in an area that is really important to you. If you begin your organization in an area that you really need to be clean, it will make you feel better and probably immediately increase your productivity and overall well being. There is nothing like walking into an area that was previously cluttered and seeing it clean. That feeling will be multiplied the moment you walk in and can actually FIND something without spending 10-15 minutes or more searching.

Take baby steps. Instead of dreading that you have to spend a day cleaning your office, plan on spending 15-20 minutes each day for a week. First of all, you’ll use your time wisely because you know you will only be there for a short time. Secondly, you will be able to get a feel for what really needs to be done in the area.

Don’t be afraid to THROW things AWAY. When in doubt, toss, sell it or donate it, but let it GO. My general rule is that if I haven’t worn it or used it for a year, it’s got to go. This is a good time to select a charity and give, give, give. We are working on our basement. My goal has been to have the Vietnam Veterans of America to pick up once a week. That forces me to go through at least a few boxes or a small area to have something for them to take away. I schedule the pick-up in advance instead of waiting till I have something. That way, I am on the hook to get a few boxes ready to go.

Get Creative. Consider a yard sale, online swap site or ebay. Think about having a friend to help you for an hour and then you do the same. You get some help, some socialization and you’ve put in a little more time than you usually do. Two hands and heads are better than one.

Tomorrow…more organization tips!

What about you? How do you get organized? Do you need help getting organized? What is your biggest barrier to decreasing clutter and getting organized?

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