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Friday again.

Perhaps the most exciting cancer news comes out of M.D. Anderson regarding Metformin and cancer response. Metformin is the most common drug prescribed for Type 2 diabetes. It was observed that patients using Metformin had a lower cancer incidence. Findings are preliminary and M.D. Anderson will soon begin a clinical trial with Metformin and hormonal therapy studying metastatic breast cancer patients who are obese. Read the complete article at Science Daily.

2008 Pieathon for Cancer

j0182705.jpgWalk, Run, Swim or Bike Event to benefit the fight against Cancer, eat pie and have fun! Penny’s Pieathon in Adel, Iowa. “Half the people you know will be touched by cancer in their lifetime. As a nation, we know what to do but we aren’t doing it. Early Detection, Access to Care and Research work. The 2007 Pieathlon helped close the gap a little this year. We’re already planning to do more this year, June 28st, 2008 ”

Headline News:

The New York Times, June 5, 2008. FDA Reviews Arthritis Drug for Link to Cancer. “The FDA said Wednesday that it was investigating whether four drugs used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other immune system diseases might increase the risk of cancer in children.”

Toronto Sun, June 5, 2008. Cancer Fundraiser Loses Hair and Job. “When Stacey Fearnall had her thick red locks shaved off in a local Cops for Cancer event on the weekend, the last thing she expected was to be fired for it.”

The Shields Gazette. June 3, 2008. Teams Urged to Join Cancer Fundraiser. “A MUM whose life has been touched by cancer is urging others to help raise cash to fight the disease. Teacher Ann Walsh, from East Boldon, has already lost her father, friends and colleagues to the disease, and now her mother and sister
are fighting bowel and breast cancer. ”

The Press Association, June 2, 2008. New Drug Could Fight Breast Cancer. “A new cousin of the controversial drug Herceptin has opened yet another door to the treatment of breast cancer, it has been revealed. Like Herceptin, the drug pertuzumab targets the HER-2 gene found in 20% of breast cancer patients.”

Sydney Morning Herald, June 2, 2008. Drug Combo Helps Treat Breast Cancer. “The two drugs used in Australia to target the most aggressive form of breast cancer could be used in combination to even better treat the disease, a new study suggests.Research presented at a major cancer conference has shown that the two specialist targeted drugs, Herceptin and Tykerb, may slow the progression of advanced disease more than using one treatment on its own.”

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