Chocolate For Cancer?

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chocolate.jpgThat’s right. Chocolate for cancer.

This story certainly perked up my ears.

A recent study from Georgetown University has shown that the same cocoa beans used to make chocolate have a chemical which kills tumors in the laboratory setting. Specifically they are using synthetic procyanidins, a class of flavanols. We have discussed the anti-oxidant property of flavanols on Battling Cancer .

Flavonoids: Found in brewed tea. Flavonoids are also found in dark chocolate. An interesting clinical trial on dark chocolate is found on WebMD. Studies are now showing the impact on flavonoids in various types of cancer, such as prostrate and ovarian cancer as noted at ScienceDaily.

The synthetic flavanols known as GECGC, are patented by the Mars Company. Yes, the same company that makes Mars bars.

The testing utilized amounts of flavanols that a person might eat or use.

The study’s lead author, Min Kim said” “Overall, GECGC showed the most effect in treating cancer cells that are normally fast growing. And in fact it demonstrated the most killing power in colon cancer that suggests the chemical could serve as a promising therapeutic for colon cancer.”

Source: The Times of India

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2 Responses to “Chocolate For Cancer?”
  1. Ruth you are so spot on.

    I am begging scientists to start on clinical trial on that as we speak. It would be lovely if fraps could cure disease.

    Thanks for stopping by. Now you are entered twice in the bibliophile contest.

  2. Ruth Blodgett says:

    I knew it all along!

    I say we officially declare chocolate it’s own food group designation, make it mandatory (at least for women) and sing its praises high and wide.

    Now if they could just find something redeeming about Starbucks’ frappuccinos…

    Can you work on that, Tina?


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