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books.jpgBibliophile is back on Battling Cancer.

And that means free books.

Here are some of the most recent books in fiction and non fiction featuring cancer topics.

Two readers will be able to choose the book of their choice from these great offerings.

The rules are simple. Let me know you are out there by posting a hello between now and next Friday, June 27 at 8 pm, MST.

Then if your name is drawn and I email, drop me a note back with your mailing address and real world name.


Fool On the Hill: A Tess Camillo Mystery by Morgan Hunt (April 1, 2008)

Product Description: When amateur sleuth and breast cancer survivor Tess Camillo discovers the body of her housemate’s favorite rock star—crucified—everyone’s shocked. After all, he seemed to have no enemies. Why would someone nail him to a cross? With quirky wit, Tess and her loopy hetero housemate Lana snoop Hollywood music producers, Lego Land, a church, and a carousel to solve the murder. Fool on the Hill zips along on a sometimes-poignant, sometimes-zany trajectory, slowing down only for zoo critters and erotic encounters.

On the Other Side of Through by J Magnum ( May 8, 2008)
Product Description: Gwendolyn Andrews is an assertive, intelligent, impatient, stern, yet loving wife and mother of two. She has chosen medicine as her career, and her husbands love for the church as her influence. After months of dealing with her father’s Alzheimer’s, and her sister Kay’s promiscuous life, Gwen finds out she has a tumor. Gwen finds herself dealing with the internal struggle to live beyond circumstance and find God in the midst of all things by faith.

The Department of Lost & Found by Allison Winn Scotch (Reprint, Paperback, April 22, 2008)

Product Description: Natalie Miller, a driven 30-year-old senior aideto a woman senator from New York, is having a rough time: just days after she’s diagnosed with breast cancer, her cheating live-in boyfriend ditches her. She’s feeling gloomy, then, when she begins chemo. (Her hunky and sweet gynecologist, Zach, is a mitigating factor.) Though the election is six weeks away, Natalie is ordered to stay home, where she writes in her diary (excerpts appear throughout) and becomes addicted to The Price Is Right while an ambitious junior aide takes over her job. Natalie battles through rounds of chemo and a mastectomy until, out of the blue, an old love, up-and-coming rocker Jake, comes back to take care of her. He seems intent on making things work, but Natalie’s long-simmering (and seemingly requited) attraction to Zach only intensifies. Meanwhile, Natalie’s journalist friend Sally lands her first big story: an exposé of Natalie’s boss. Her loyalties on the line and her cancer on the wane, Natalie makes some tough choices about the postcancer person she wants to be.

Non Fiction:

Taking Charge of Breast Cancer by by Julia A. Ericksen (April 7, 2008)

Product Description: Vividly showcasing diverse voices and experiences, this book illuminates an all-too-common experience by exploring how women respond to a diagnosis of breast cancer. Drawing from interviews in which women describe their journeys from diagnosis through treatment and recovery, Julia A. Ericksen explores topics ranging from women’s trust in their doctors to their feelings about appearance and sexuality. She includes the experiences of women who do not put their faith in traditional medicine as well as those who do, and she takes a look at the long-term consequences of this disease.

Lopsided: How Having Breast Cancer Can Be Really Distracting by Meredith Norton (June 12, 2008)

Product Description: A hilarious and wickedly irreverent look at life with cancer. Lopsided is not your ordinary cancer memoir. Meredith Norton chronicles every step of her experience, starting with her bizarre symptoms while living in Paris to moving back home to California and living with her compulsive parents and their five television sets. Irreverent and incredibly funny, Norton rails against self-pity and victimhood and rants about the innumerable copies of Lance Armstrong’s cancer survival book pressed on her by well-meaning family and friends.

Secrets of Cancer Survivors by Elizabeth Gould (February 11, 2008)

Product Description: In this groundbreaking book the author details her own story as well as the stories of five cancer survivors. No diets or miracle cures but a practical step-by-step approach to describing the emotional and physical journey through cancer into remission. In this book you will learn: Mental tools and techniques to cope with each stage of cancer: How your body will change during treatment and how to cope with those changes: The best ways to emotionally support a cancer patient; and How the cancer journey can transform your life. This is a book of hope, survival and how to discover your own path through an enormous physical and mental challenge.

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